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by Ashik Ahmed, 1 minute read
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Welcome to Deputy’s debut blog!

We plan to post as often as we can, to share our strategy, update you on our milestones, and let the world know about the success of our customers.

The Deputy proposition is to make the working life of businesses and staff much easier, and to create an environment where everybody can be productive.

At Deputy, we aim to improve the work world of our customers. We have built a system that allows managers and staff to use a simple web interface that lets them be more productive in handling work schedules, recording time and attendance, and assigning tasks.

There is a clear productivity benefit for placing all of these functions into an easy-to-use web service. Our customers, typically have scattered workforces, spread across many locations. They operate across industries, in retail, hospitality, health, and franchise sectors and have teams with 15 staff to 1500.

But any business can use Deputy. And no one else has created this kind of web-based platform before. No one else has built a platform as fast as Deputy to handle the daily tasks of running a team’s work life.

The genesis of the Deputy platform was conceived over ten years ago and implemented in the airline services business. It revolutionised that industry and achieved global recognition.

Deputy already has thousands of users and we are growing fast. Companies that relied on time-consuming manual systems are realising they can use the web to make their workforce more efficient.

We believe that the work world is changing. Companies want to be transparent and inclusive, and staff want the best technology at their fingertips. In that vein, we believe Deputy is leading the social business revolution in the area of productivity.

Our business is 100 percent cloud – but we will let our CTO Ashik Ahmed share more of that soon. We have maximised the technical opportunities in cloud technology, using the Amazon Web Services technology.

The team at Deputy has just created our new platform, which we call version 1.5. As usual, we have placed easy interaction between users at the forefront of our thinking. The customer experience, stunning design, and useful workplace applications are what we aim to provide.

We are busy working on a mobile app that will completely transform the way people interact with their team-mates and relate to each other.

We look forward to providing you with more updates.