Master staff scheduling and handle the unexpected

  • Schedule medical staff in a few clicks
  • Ensure proper coverage across locations
  • Quickly adjust to last-minute changes
  • Communicate schedules instantly via mobile

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"We can keep an eye on staff fatigue, tenure, holidays and time off, which helps us run our business better."

Alexandra Conroy, Director and co-founder , Reliant healthcare

Simplify scheduling

Schedule staff with a few clicks and free up valuable time

Solve the complex puzzle of staff scheduling in a few minutes. Bring order to the moving pieces, like PTO requests, with all the info you need right in front of you.

  • Build efficient schedules for your team with the help of AI

  • Get a clear picture of who has time off, who's available, and whether there are gaps in coverage

  • Instantly communicate up-to-date schedules with staff

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St Joseph's Hospice

"Deputy saved at least half-a-day or a day’s work calling around temporary workers."

Su San Chan, Head of Human Resources, St Joseph's Hospice

Handle schedule changes

Manage last-minute changes and keep your team updated

When staff call out sick, easily adjust your team’s schedule on the go. Instantly communicate schedule changes with staff using smart mobile alerts.

  • If staff call out sick, find qualified replacements with one tap

  • Update staff schedules on the go and ensure staff see the changes

  • View coverage across multiple locations, departments, and rooms in real-time

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Elder Village Euless

“They can add in their availability, request days off. They absolutely love it.”

Kathy Lois Jones, Owner, Elder Village Euless

Improve staff experience

Give staff convenient schedules in the palm of their hand

As Practice Managers always tell us, a key way to retain staff is to give them the shifts they want and provide them with more control over their schedule.

  • Give staff a scheduling app that's known for ease of use

  • Make it simple for staff to check the latest schedule, claim available shifts, and submit PTO requests

  • Allow staff to swap shifts directly with suitable colleagues

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The payoff of using Deputy

Reduce costs, save time, and create a better work-life balance. See how much your business could save with Deputy


Why choose Deputy?

Our software’s simplicity and mobility has earned us 250,000 happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. With Deputy, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re making life easier for your teams and helping them provide better care.

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