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Employee Scheduling

Schedule your people with a few clicks, reduce unnecessary costs, send out shift details and easily find cover staff when you need them.

Time clock app

Record when and where your employees work for accurate timesheets, live attendance updates and effective break planning.

Staff communication

Engage with your employees, keep them across key info or documents and see when important messages are read.

POS & payroll integrations

Link Deputy with your POS system to help forecast labor demand. Connect to payroll software to autofill staff details and export timesheets with a click.

Workforce Tasking

Assign tasks to one or more employees and get an update when they’re done. To remind staff about regular jobs, set tasks to recur.

Go Mobile

With apps available on the App Store and Google Play, employers and employees can manage their workday from any device.

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Paul Flynn,

Co-owner Thievery & Butter

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Connect Deputy with your existing systems to simplify admin and maximize efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

What is workforce management?
Workforce management is an umbrella term for the many activities involved in running a successful network of employees. It includes forecasting labor demand and scheduling staff to match, recording work attendance and hours, assigning tasks, giving performance feedback and ensuring employees are paid correctly. Workforce management software helps a business perform these tasks in minimum time, with maximum accuracy and results.
Why is workforce management important?
The aim of workforce management is to achieve maximum staff productivity and drive business success. Great workforce management software allows a business to schedule exactly the right amount of staff to meet demand and budget, record staff hours for accurate payroll, manage tasks to completion and other functions that save time, reduce costs and create an engaged team of driven employees. What’s not to love?
What is a workforce management system?
A workforce management system refers to software that helps a business effectively coordinate their employees and handle all the associated admin. With a top workforce management system, managers can create employee schedules in minutes, record exact staff work hours for perfect payroll and keep the whole team across important information.

A complete workforce management solution like Deputy also helps managers take care of shift swapping, leave management, employee onboarding and other essential functions in one easy-to-use platform. In short, the best workforce management systems make the complexities of running a team beautifully simple.
What is workforce management scheduling?
Workforce scheduling is one aspect of a workforce management system. The right software will allow managers to view important information like staff availabilities, wage costs and demand forecasts in one place, build a perfect work schedule that aligns with the data on hand and send shift details straight to their employees’ phones and inboxes.
What is workforce forecasting?
Workforce forecasting is an important part of a great workforce management system. The short answer is, it involves predicting exactly how many employees you need scheduled at any given time - to avoid either overstaffing or having a team that’s swamped and can’t deliver their best service.

The longer answer? It involves taking into account a range of demand signals like historical sales data and foot traffic, the weather and major events to forecast labor demand in the future, which helps you create an optimized work schedule that keeps operating costs and staff coverage at the best possible level.

Luckily, the right workforce management software can do this with minimum fuss and maximum accuracy for the best result.