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A complete system for managing staff through changing demand and regulations

Deputy can help your business in times of change

call center employees
call center employees
Schedule teams for profitability and social distancing with Deputy
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"Management can assess the real-time costs of shifts, approve shifts and make journal entries against each job."

Rodney Jackson, Founder and Director, DallasAir

Fast, efficient scheduling

Schedule teams for profitability and social distancing

Build schedules that meet demand, reduce health risks, and help your teams work effectively — with confidence in their safety.

  • Plan shifts to match demand with clear forecasts of your labor requirements

  • Schedule available staff with simple drag and drop tools — and send out shift details instantly

  • Avoid overcrowding by staggering employee arrival and finish times, and ensure a safe amount of staff are scheduled across different roles or locations

  • Reduce the risk of illness spreading by splitting your staff into independent squads — use templates to easily rotate squads between different days or weeks

  • Stay on budget with real-time visibility over wage costs and labor percentages

Manage teams remotely with real time attendance visibility with Deputy
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“Reduced clock in/out mistakes by 50%.”

Michelle Wilcox, Manager, University Veterinary hospital

Live reporting on attendance, wellness, and performance

Manage teams remotely with real-time visibility across locations

Receive an alert if staff show worrying symptoms, see who’s arrived on site and who’s running late, and track job progress.

  • See who’s currently on shift, on break, or late with real-time attendance updates

  • Protect your business with automated pre-shift health checks, which prevent staff from starting their shift if they pose a health risk to their team or customers

  • If an employee comes down with a virus, instantly trace all the coworkers they’ve had contact with, notify them directly, and adjust schedules as needed

  • See when important tasks and hygiene procedures have been completed

Deputy software helps you keep communication in one place
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“Improvement to communication across multiple teams at different sites.”

Rodney Jackson, Director, Dallas Air Conditioning

Shift changes and communication

Communicate changes to the schedule and important safety updates

Handle last-minute changes to the schedule and make sure staff are across the latest workplace updates.

  • Adjust your team’s schedule from web or mobile and publish updates instantly

  • If staff can’t work their shift, find a replacement with one tap in the Deputy app — or simply allow staff to swap with suitable team members

  • Share new workplace policies or hygiene procedures and receive an update when they’re reviewed

  • Communicate with your whole team from a central noticeboard or reach out to staff individually, keep employee details in one place, and stay organized under pressure

touchless time clock Deputy software
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“Staff proactively manage their rotas, claiming open shifts and overtime”.

Shneen Stevenson, Manager, Aikmo Trading

Touchless time clock

Record work hours hygienically and screen staff for worrying symptoms

Prepare accurate payroll, keep a hygienic workplace, and give both staff and customers confidence that their safety is a priority.

  • Staff can record their exact time on shift via our touch-free time clock — reducing surface contact

  • Managers can verify, review, and export digital timesheets to payroll in minutes

  • Protect your business with automated pre-shift health checks, which prevent staff from clocking in if they’re a health risk to their colleagues or your customers

  • Use pre-shift questions to check in on employee morale — are they feeling safe and confident at work? Do they have everything they need to do their job effectively?

  • When staff begin or end their shift, remind them of important tasks or hygiene protocols they need to complete

Deputy mobile apps
Dallas Air Conditioning logo

“Improvement to communication across multiple teams at different sites.”

Rodney Jackson, Director, Dallas Air Conditioning

Fast onboarding and workforce optimization

Get started quickly with smart mobile apps

Deputy is built for fast set up and ease-of-use. Get started in minutes on your everyday devices and create a more efficient, cost-effective business.

  • Manage your team’s schedule, capture attendance and timesheets, and track wage costs against budget from any device

  • Make it easy for staff to keep track of their shifts, tasks, and important updates

  • Seamlessly connect Deputy with your existing payroll, POS, and HR systems

  • Become more efficient and save resources: easily forecast your staffing needs based on changes in demand, create error-free schedules with simple tools, and automate essential admin like timesheets and wellness checks

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Deputy rating
Deputy rating
Deputy rating
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Why choose Deputy?

Our software’s power, simplicity, and mobility has earned us 250,000 happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. With Deputy, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re making life easier for your teams and helping them provide better service.

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"Everything my employees need to do, whether it’s swapping shifts, putting in leave requests, or leaving a message for everyone to see, Deputy allows them to do it. It’s a wonderful thing."

Bobby Heuser, Owner, Ace Hardware

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Garry Deakes
Owner, The Marina Ice Creamery
"I was setup and going in minutes. So easy to understand. So intuitive!"
Rami Rustom
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"Our admin time for Payroll is one fifth of what it used to be, and with more accuracy!"
Brendon Ford
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John Petrovich
Mobile Apps Evangelist, Telstra
"Great application and the customer service is fantastic."
Stephan Price
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"Rostering and time sheets have never been so straightforward. What a fantastic and innovative tool."
Dr. John Hancock
"Deputy has been the best in delivering their promises. Their interface is amazing and simple to use."
Noelle Flores-Smith
President, Global DN Ventures Corp
"Deputy have allowed me to streamline the fortnightly payroll process."
Rachael Cameron
Payroll Officer, Magic Memories
"Fantastic intuitive time keeping software which works hand in hand with Xero."
Andrew Huntley
Director, Kenney Medical Solutions
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