8 Jobs Hospitality Managers Get Tasked With at Friends' (Social Distanced) Parties

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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Ah, those days when work creeps into your personal life. You’ve watched your friend, a professional photographer, get stuck taking all of the pictures at a wedding or vacation. Or your partner, a nurse, get asked to diagnose someone’s ailment at a party. Or your sibling, a computer programmer, requested to update everyone’s phone at each family gathering.

And unfortunately, you’re no exception. When you’re in the hospitality business, those skills seem to follow you everywhere you go. Even if you’re still social distancing. How many of these jobs have you been stuck with at a party?

1. Plan the entire party

Party planner isn’t your job title — nor is it in your job description. Yet your friend thinks that it’s close enough.

So you’re the first person they call when they want to throw a socially distanced birthday party for their kid. Sure, you’ve had to manage bartenders and waitstaff as they serve birthday party guests at your restaurant. But you didn’t actually plan the parties.

Well, your managing skills are going to come in handy as you direct the video chat rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

2. Welcome the guests

You’ve been haggling with vendors, approving timesheets, and talking to customers all day. You don’t feel very inviting. But according to your friend, you’re so good with people.

That’s why you’re always tasked with welcoming everyone to the party. Throw your jackets over there, drinks over here, and extra (sanitized) face masks on the table.

Part of being in hospitality is being hospitable — even if you just want to eat some snacks in a corner by yourself.

3. Substitute MC

Strangers or not, your hospitality background has prepared you to carry on a conversation in any situation. In fact, you’re a pro at the small talk. “Where are you from? How do you know the host? Have you checked out the dessert bar?”

So it’s no surprise that you’re often tasked with keeping the conversation flowing when your host steps out for a few minutes or gets distracted.

4. Act as the DJ

If you manage a bar, you know all of the songs to get the crowd going. Even if you — and the guests — have heard the songs a million times, you know just the jams to play.

So buckle up, turn on your bluetooth, and get ready to throw on your very overplayed party playlist. Hey, at least if you’re hosting the party virtually, you can mute the crowd when they start singing.

5. Bar duty

This one is almost too obvious. You manage or maybe own a bar, so your friends always look to you to play bartender at their parties.

While you don’t always love to work when you’re not “at the office,” at least with this task you’ll never go thirsty. And depending on the size of the party, you might even get some extra tips.

7. Checking the audio

Just because you have speakers in your pub, it doesn’t mean you’re great with technology. But, for some reason, you’re asked to check everyone’s audio on your video chat.

Instead of yelling at some rowdy groups who keep yelling at the bar, now you’re reminding your friend’s parents to mute themselves when they’re making their coffee. Funny how some of those skills do transfer.

8. Cleanup

This job is partly just being a good friend and helping out with the cleanup after a party. There is bound to be a lot of dishes to do and a lot of trash to pick up and take out. You’re really ready to call it a night, but decide to help your friend anyway. You know all so well those evenings at work when you’re closing and wish someone was there to help.

Make work a party

Whether helping out a friend with their party or hosting your own, you know the importance of managing tasks and people to save time. If you need an employee management system that’s easy to use, jump into the modern workforce when you sign up for a free Deputy trial.

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