Attention Clinics: Are You Up-to-Date With 2021 Strategies for Growth?

by Katie Sawyer, 1 minute read
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Calling all clinics: 2021 is the year to grow and prosper. Even as 2021 already nears a midpoint, there’s still time to expand your business, attract new patients, and establish your brand. The pandemic shifted how consumers respond to personal health and healthcare professionals. As cities reopen, will you be ready to meet the changing landscape of the clinic space?

A recent survey of 2,000 American consumers shows what’s changed in the medical industry — and what practice managers need to know to keep up.

Test your wits and knowledge with this quiz below.

Opening your doors to a better patient experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested just about every aspect of provider-patient relationships. From uncertainty over in-person or telehealth visits and issues with appointment availability, healthcare consumers are demanding more from their carers.

Challenges inevitably create opportunities and being aware of the patient’s perspective will help you to make the most of them in attempting to grow your practice.

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