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by Brandon Hulme, 3 minutes read
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Efficiently hiring and onboarding employees is a key component to ensuring adequate coverage in any healthcare practice.

Commonly, hiring and onboarding a new employee involves mountains of paperwork and communications back and forth.

The process of doing so requires a variety of inputs such as obtaining official “proof of employment” documents, collecting employee information, and then inputting your newly hired employee into your healthcare practice staff schedule.

Those two components are only two-thirds part of the puzzle. Paying staff correctly and on time proposes its own set of challenges.

Let’s break it down...

The Employee Experience

At Deputy, we like to think of the employee experience as a set of areas that are categorized into three distinct categories.

When we think about the employee experience from a technical and workforce management process viewpoint… it falls roughly into 3 categories that build up that “employee experience.”

HRIS (HR Management)

Activity such as:

  • Hiring

  • Onboarding

  • Training

  • Data and Analytics Collection

Staff Scheduling

Day-to-day staff scheduling:

  • Ensuring adequate coverage

  • Tracking leave and sick call-outs

  • Communicating schedules and changes to timesheets

  • Shift reporting


Payroll processing:

  • Timesheet reporting

  • Accurate compensation calculation

  • Tax calculation

  • Regulatory compliance

All of these processes form the trifecta of what you need to master to create an epic employee experience.

Ditch the Pen and Paper

Traditionally, these components are broken down into silos with their own set of processes. And when the newly hired candidate becomes an employee, multiple touchpoints are required to fully integrate said new hire completely into an organization’s systems, including staff scheduling and payroll systems.

Overall, the end-to-end process is time-consuming, requires keying in the same data into various systems, with multiple approval checkpoints.

One would ask: “Isn’t there a better way to experience this? A way that streamlines the process for both me and my employee?”

Well, of course there is.

Software for HRIS and Healthcare Staff Scheduling

As we reach the end of the year, Deputy’s healthcare staff scheduling team has spent great effort implementing product features to provide ways to keep employees engaged and prevent healthcare staff burnout.

While these enhancements to the Deputy healthcare staff scheduling platform focus on the central key pillar of the employee experience — staff scheduling — we wanted to make sure that we were keeping the balance of our three pillars that create an epic end-to-end employee experience.

The New, Improved BambooHR Experience

There are many HRIS systems available in the market — yet one of the best integrations out there for healthcare practices is BambooHR.

Hire, onboard your new healthcare team member into BambooHR, and seamlessly integrate them into your Deputy healthcare staff scheduling platform in one fell swoop.

Deputy’s BambooHR integration allows you to:

  • Automatically add and update employees from BambooHR to Deputy

  • Automatically pull employee leave balances from BambooHR to Deputy

  • Automatically send approved leave requests from Deputy to BambooHR

With this Deputy + BambooHR integration, we make the setup easier by allowing you to:

  • Easily map your BambooHR locations, departments, and divisions to equivalent Deputy locations.

  • Easily map any of your BambooHR time-off types to Deputy leave rules.

What does this mean for you?

Connect BambooHR with Deputy, ditch the paperwork, and take the first step to provide your new hires a seamless onboarding and scheduling experience.

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