Deputy is the first cloud-based workforce management solution to offer Two Step Verification, SSO & MDM

Mike McGee

Mike McGee

Chief Product Officer

October 10, 2016

Deputy is the first cloud-based workforce management solution to offer Two Step Verification, SSO & MDM

Mike McGee, Chief Product Officer
October 10, 2016

Working with highly private information like timesheets, payroll and employee performance on a daily basis requires a keen eye and intense focus. This data is a critical asset to businesses of all shapes and sizes and keep the gears grinding. In our digital world, we’re increasingly connecting this data and all of our devices, mobile and otherwise, to the web for easy organization and management, leaving systems more vulnerable to intrusion and attack.

Do you really know how safe your critical data is?

Imagine a sophisticated hacker gained access to your data, cleared all timesheets and schedules for your employees and froze your payroll system, even access to bank account information. Could you visualize a worse scenario? Small and medium sized businesses are a hot target for cyber hackers, because they have more digital assets than an individual consumer, but less protection compared to a large enterprise. In fact, 50% of SMBs have experienced a cyber breach in the past year. For SMBs, defending against cyber attacks is a team effort that requires heavy dependence on employees. That’s where Deputy comes in – a cost effective, full armor protection that optimizes resources and ensures security and privacy.

We understand the drastic repercussions that business face when a cyber attack is successfully completed, and security is at the forefront of our commitment to you, our valued customer. That is why, in light of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re introducing Two Step Verification for all Deputy customers so that you can:

  1. Set an extra access control for every employee on top of their standard unique login (username/password, PIN or email/password)


  1. Set Two Step Verification just for employees in specific roles and making it optional for the rest of your team.

Deputy is the first and only cloud-based workforce management solution to offer Two Step Verification, along with Single Sign On, and Mobile Device Management.

With Two Step Verification, an employee will be required to respond to a unique message on their device when logging in to Deputy – similar to the confirmation messages your bank sends you as part of a new transaction.


This two-step login process acts as an extra shield of armor to ensure privacy and protection of accounts. Adding an additional layer of security for employees’ Deputy logins creates endless benefits, and, peace of mind for the management team. Did you know that 59% of SMBs have no visibility into employee password practices? With Two Step Verification, management and employees can be sure that their accounts are safe and sound. A few benefits of this login process include:

  • Improved accuracy for every user’s work records.
  • Greater data security, including extra protection from third party cyber attacks.
  • More control over who can access specific records.

Most often, we’re seeing that the weakest link in cyber defense is human error. Empowering employees to be vigilant in defending attacks comes with a combination of training and technology. That’s why we’ve made Two Step Verification on Deputy as user-friendly as possible by using smartphone Authenticator Apps developed by Google and Microsoft.

Deputy has long supported Mobile Device Management (MDM), which helps businesses secure and manage the mobile devices their people use – and the apps installed on them. We also help our larger customers manage multi-app access by supporting single-sign-on (SSO); and we support out of the box integration with OKTA and Microsoft Azure. You can read more about Deputy’s security layers, including Two Step Verification, in this help article.

Are you ready to give your business and employees an extra layer of security with Two Step Verification? Deputy will keep your business and its data safe and secure. Get your 30-day free trial now.

Existing customer? Find out how to set up Two Step Verification here

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Mike McGee
Mike McGee is Chief Product Officer at Deputy. Mike has been building online products and businesses for 15+ years. He's done his time as both manager and minion in hospitality and services businesses, so Deputy's mission is in his DNA.

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