Forget The Ashes, it’s the battle of the ‘staches.

by Deputy Team, 2 minutes read
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It’s been an interesting month for the Deputy MoFoes and MoSistas, the office has been filled with suspect looking characters and loud cries of complaint have been heard daily.

Here are the stats and highlights from Movember!

In an attempt to ramp up fundraising efforts, Deputy Dave agreed to shave his eyebrows off if donations reached $500. Dave achieved his goal and now resembles a certain 80’s pop star. Total amount raised $1025


Nearing the end of the campaign Chief Product Officer Mike McGee couldn’t keep his passion for Star Trek a secret any longer and surprised us all with a late flourish of creativity. Total amount raised $912


Ashik lead from the front during the month, taking inspiration from a favourite family movie he did a sterling job. Total amount raised $727


Jake was super happy when he realised he could actually grow a moustache and finally begin to morph into his idol. He’s keeping it for the concert this month. Good luck with that Jake. Total amount raised $338

jakeEd (1)

Steve decided to take a trip to Thailand and put his aspirations for success on hold, just like the English Rugby team this year. After being inspired by listening to Robbie Williams albums on the beach he came back looking like a chimney sweep from a Charles Dickens novel and raised a total of $247


I’m sure you’ll agree it was a great effort by Team Deputy this year and we’re proud to have raised over $6,000 in support of the Movember Foundation and men’s health.

It’s not too late to contribute, click here to view our full leaderboard and make a donation.

If you missed the Movember antics don’t worry we’ve captured it below on video.