How Americans Are Finding the Positives Amid a Global Pandemic

by Katie Sawyer, 2 minutes read
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As COVID-19 disrupts the everyday life of people around the world, businesses, their employees, and their customers are finding ways to stay positive and get through the situation together. Here are some stories that highlight what people are doing to uplift each other during this time.

Note: Although this is being updated regularly, these stories are not all-inclusive of the amazing work being by businesses and consumers.

The Federal Reserve announces stimulus package

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumps after the White House and Federal Reserve unveiled massive stimulus measures to help the economy deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Retail franchises looking for ways to support employees and customers

From paid sick leave to contact-less delivery, how these businesses are putting their employees and customers first.

Scholastic helps children learn at home for free while schools are closed

To help support children learn while schools are closed, Scholastic created a free online learning hub for children up through the 9th grade.

Airline CEOs forgoing salaries to keep staff employed

CEOs are stepping up to keep their staff safe. Just look at what some of these airlines are doing to help.

Small businesses in Seattle are coming together

From Facebook groups to a podcast, these Seattle businesses are helping each other navigate the challenges they face due to coronavirus.

Distilleries are making hand sanitizer

These businesses are doing double duty to help their patrons by not only serving up tasty drinks but also making hand sanitizer out of their alcohol.

Disneyland donating excess food

Although Disneyland is shut down to visitors, the entertainment park is donating all excess food to food shelters.

Shedd Aquarium lets penguins adventure

Although Shedd is closed to the public for the time being, they’re keeping patrons entertained with their posts showing penguins roaming the aquarium.

Self-isolationers sharing their feel-good stories on social media

People all over the country are finding creative ways to stay connected while continuing to social distance themselves.

Musicians stream concerts that have been canceled

For those fans who were looking forward to catching their favorite artists live, they still can watch live streams of performances.

Finding creative entertainment online

A new way to use a roomba — and other creative home ideas.

This guy is ensuring you’re not without toilet paper

If you’re worried about running low on TP, this guy is helping with a toilet paper exchange.

A nod to an early pioneer of antiseptic procedures

Google’s doodle of the day featured Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician and scientist, know for his advancements in antispectic procedures.

An organization ready to spark your curiousity

Curiosity Atlas are design thinkers who created this seven-day challenge and thought starters to help you explore your world differently.

A historic stimulus package approved to help businesses

The Senate approved a historic $2 trillion stimulus deal to give businesses the boost they need.

Innovative ways to get masks to those who really need them

Several companies and organizations, including Gap, are finding ways to make sure more medical masks are distributed.

The kindness cooler you never knew you wanted

This creamery is giving away milk for anyone in need.