How much time can you save with employee scheduling software?

Britton Clark

Britton Clark

Director of Digital Marketing

December 07, 2016

How much time can you save with employee scheduling software?

Britton Clark, Director of Digital Marketing
December 07, 2016

If you’re ready to save time and get back to doing what you really love, consider investing in employee scheduling software. Calculate how much time you can save below:

How much time can you save?

with employee scheduling software


Total number of 
employees in your business


The number of stores you operate

Absent or Late?

How many times a week are your staff late or absent?

Weekly Scheduling

How many times a week do you schedule your staff?


Employee scheduling software can save you the following amount of time


0 hour(s)0 mins


0 hour(s)0 mins


0 hour(s)0 mins

Benefits of employee scheduling software


1 Get out of the office

With new employee scheduling software, you are able to get your scheduling done from practically anywhere. Cloud-based systems allow you to do everything on your phone or tablet, so if there is downtime in the storefront, you can complete this task without ever leaving the counter.


2 Build a more engaging workplace

The best employee scheduling software gives employees more options than just keeping track of their timecard. It allows them to easily request time off, swap shifts and communicate with their managers helping you to build a more engaging, collaborative workplace.


3 Improve delegation 

Your software should allow you to easily delegate tasks  to different employees on different days. If you have the right software, employees should be notified when they have been given a task, and be able to let you know when it’s complete.


4 Streamline communication and feedback

Not all communication needs to be about getting tasks done. You should be able to quickly send a message to your employees, letting them know they have done a great job. Communication and feedback are vital to the success of any business, and you shouldn’t need another app to manage these areas.

All of these features, and more, should be found in top-of-the-line employee scheduling software — and you can get them all with Deputy.

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Britton Clark
Britton directs digital marketing efforts across the Americas for Deputy.

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