How to Run Your Business from an iPad Kiosk

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iPad kiosks for your business

iPad kiosks have a number of uses for businesses in any industry, including restaurants, retail stores, and medical practices. Business owners can utilize apps via an iPad kiosk to help them run an efficient business. As well as saving businesses time, using an iPad kiosk can result in improved customer service, compliance with relevant laws, and reduced labor costs. The convenience of using iPad kiosks makes it a popular choice for small and large businesses. It’s reported that 98% of Fortune 500 companies use iPads. If you aren’t using iPad kiosks in your business, or are only using it for a few tasks, we’ll provide you with some additional ways to run your business from an iPad kiosk.

Firstly, if you’re going to utilize an iPad kiosk to help you to run different parts of your business, it’s recommended that you use a suitable iPad enclosure to keep it secure. This enclosure can be an iPad kiosk mount on the wall or an iPad kiosk stand on the shop floor. You can find appropriate stands and enclosures for any tablet if you don’t want to use an iPad. Once your iPad is secure on the mounts or stands, you can start to take advantage of the benefits of running parts of your business from your iPad kiosk.

How to run your business from an iPad kiosk

The following are some business tasks that you can run from an iPad kiosk:

How to Run Your Business from an iPad Kiosk

<div id="Workforce" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><strong>Workforce management</strong></div>

It’s becoming increasingly important to have reliable workforce management software because of the increase in predictive scheduling legislation. Employers must do everything possible to remain compliant with various laws that govern hourly employees. Deputy kiosk provides a simple way to capture your employees through facial detection as they sign in and out. Deputy kiosk is available on iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch devices running iOS10+ (iPad 4th Gen onwards, iPhone 5 and onwards, and the 6th generation iPod Touch). You can download it free from the Apple iTunes store. If you would like to start using iPad kiosks to manage your employees, consider this iPad kiosk set that contains:

  • Apple 9.7in iPad WiFi 32GB.

  • Apple lightning to USB-3 camera adapter.

  • Apple USB ethernet adapter.

  • MacLocks executive enclosure.

Deputy + Appogee

This set has an executive swing iPad enclosure, charging cable security bracket, and double glass screen shield from the award-winning kiosk and enclosure company – MacLocks. This four-piece set can fit on most iPad stands or mounts at a place that’s convenient for your employees and customers.

Using Deputy kiosk to run the scheduling element of your business is simple. You can either import shifts or start to assign shifts from scratch. Deputy offers options for you to choose shift locations and switch between daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly views. The different views are beneficial in order to prevent you inadvertently triggering overtime. If you’re curious about how much money Deputy can save your business on overtime, scheduling, time theft, payroll, and more, download our free ROI calculator below:

Deputy scheduling software also alerts you to an instance where an employee would work a clopening shift, which is prohibited under most predictive scheduling laws. You are also able to view a projection of the expected employee wages for the week in comparison to your expected sales. Here’s a comprehensive tutorial about how to schedule staff using Deputy. Why not request a demo to experience Deputy kiosk first hand? Contact us and one of our friendly team members will guide you through the system.

Deputy iPad kiosk doesn’t only help to schedule your employees’ hours but it also has the functionality to allocate tasks. This feature allows you to take a hands-off approach to allocate your team’s recurring tasks. You’re able to assign team members different jobs to do throughout their shift. There’s no need to write down and continue to send emails or print task lists for your team. Instead, you set up the tasks in Deputy once and repeat when necessary. Deputy also allows you to track whether the tasks are being done. Your team can use the iPad kiosk to view their task and indicate when they have been completed. This enables you to see the progress that’s being made in real-time.

<div id="POS" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><strong>Point of sale (POS) integration</strong></div>

Deputy integrates with a number of POS systems, including Vend and Square. This integration helps you to run your business more efficiently because you spend less time figuring out forecasts for your budget. An integrated POS system provides you with valuable sales data and better inventory management. You will also be able to determine which products are the most profitable by working out the contribution margin ratio. In relation to staff scheduling, integrating Deputy kiosk with a POS system enables you to make better scheduling decisions. You will have data about your peak hours to schedule your employees accordingly. A key benefit of Deputy kiosk is that your employees can clock in and out without disrupting your POS system. This means your staff can start or stop their shifts even while you’re serving customers and there will be no interruption either to Deputy or the POS system.

How to Run Your Business from an iPad Kiosk

<div id="Welcome" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><strong>Welcome customers</strong></div>

If you have a secure stand for your tablet or iPad, you can place your kiosk near the door to welcome your restaurant’s or store’s customers. In the case of a restaurant, should your customers have a reservation, they can enter the details in the kiosk. The status of the table will be displayed on the screen and, if the table isn’t ready, the customer will be directed to wait in a holding area. A notification will be sent to the customer’s phone informing them that their table is ready. Utilizing iPad kiosks in this way will help to manage waiting times and allow hosts to spend more time attending to customers.

<div id="Answer" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><strong>Answer customer questions</strong></div>

If you own a restaurant or a retail store, you’ll be aware of the importance of saving on labor costs. However, this should never be done at the expense of reducing customer service standards. An iPad kiosk can undertake some aspects of your sale staff’s role. You should strategically place your iPad or iPad mini kiosk in a place where customers can access it. This will allow customers to use the iPad kiosk to answer questions. You can include information about your store layout to inform customers about where different products are located. You can also display your products on your iPad with descriptions and available sizes. One of the most important aspects of a salesperson’s role is to increase sales by suggesting complementary products. You can use your iPad kiosk to upsell your products by suggesting matching items.

<div id="feedback" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><strong>Receive feedback</strong></div>

Customer feedback is a valuable asset in relation to improving the customer experience. Initiatives, such as encouraging customers to go online to give their opinion of the service they’ve received (for a chance to win a prize), is becoming increasingly popular. For example, KFC uses this feedback model to find out how its restaurants are performing. As a small business owner, you don’t need to wait for your customers to provide their feedback online. Your iPad kiosk could be used to solicit customer comments about your products or service. You can encourage your restaurant guests or retail shoppers to complete a survey on your iPad kiosk before they leave. You could take inspiration from restaurant chains, like KFC, and offer your customers a chance to win a prize when they provide feedback. Apps, like quicktapsurvey, provide a solution to design different types of surveys to suit your business and customer needs.

<div id="orders" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><strong>Take orders</strong></div>

iPad kiosk stands and tablet enclosures are becoming a common fixture in fast food restaurants. Smaller restaurants can also utilize iPad kiosks to provide customers with an easy way to order their meals. Using tablets and iPads for customer orders has a positive effect on a restaurant’s bottom line because menus that are displayed on tablets result in a 30% increase in orders of desserts and appetizers.

How to Run Your Business from an iPad Kiosk

iPad kiosks bring technology to the dining experience. Given that most people are used to interacting with technology on a day-to-day basis, it makes sense for restaurateurs to use this fact to their advantage.

<div id="payment" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><strong>Accept payment</strong></div>

When stores have iPad kiosks, customers no longer have to wait in line for cashiers. Panera Bread, which sees itself as a digital restaurant, introduced this method of ordering and payment in its stores in 2015. This use of iPad kiosks appears to be paying off because Panera was named Influencer of the Year by the Interactive Customer Experience Association. Panera reported that sales via web, mobile, and kiosk were over $1 billion last year. Using iPad kiosks to accept payments in a restaurant can encourage customers to spend more while saving on labor costs.

You can accept payments with your iPads and tablets that are secured in an appropriate enclosure by connecting a card reader to your iPad kiosk. If you’re using an iPad kiosk, like Square Stand, connecting your card reader to the iPad kiosk is easy. Simply plug the USB cable that’s supplied to the USB hardware hub on the Square stand. You also have the option of connecting your card reader to the iPad kiosk wirelessly if no USB ports are free.

<div id="Market" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><strong>Market your store</strong></div>

Marketing your small business can be time-consuming and expensive. However, an iPad kiosk can be used as a tool to market your store or restaurant at minimal cost. You can use your iPad kiosk to encourage shoppers and diners to share a picture of the item they’ve bought on Instagram or another social platform and tag your business. You can also grow your loyalty program using iPad kiosks. Encourage customers to interact with the iPad kiosk by placing the stand in a noticeable place and have a stand-out graphic on the screen. Customers can be given reward points if they leave their email address and answer a simple fun question. The points can be redeemed at a later date for discounts or prizes.

<div id="Educate" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><strong>Educate your customers</strong></div>

You can utilize your iPad kiosk to provide additional information about your products. Videos about how your products work are a good idea because of the interactive nature. Restaurants can use iPad kiosks to list allergy and nutrient information. Customer testimonials can also be displayed on your iPad kiosk to encourage customers to try and buy different products they may not have originally considered.

Invest in your business

iPad kiosks are a cost-effective way to manage different parts of your business. With a secure stand or mounting, you’ll have the peace of mind that they won’t be subject to customer theft. Stands for tablets also prevent damage to your iPads that could be caused by constant use by employees.

Deputy’s iPad kiosk set is the perfect accompaniment to the kiosk app that enables you to easily schedule your employees for increased profits and compliance purposes. Get your four-piece iPad kiosk set today at our reduced price and download Deputy kiosk to have the complete iPad kiosk solution to manage your employees.

New to Deputy? Get started with a free 30-day trial and see how Deputy can streamline your business operations:

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