How You Can Support Mom and Pop Business Owners

by Bobby Chambless, 2 minutes read
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From beloved sandwich shops to corner bookstores to friendly dental practices to local hardware stores, family-owned businesses power many communities.

That’s why today, National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day, is a day to recognize and celebrate the contributions family-owned businesses have made and continue to make to the US economy.

Mom and Pop shops are a unique component of the US’s complex business landscape. In fact, family enterprises generate 57% of the nation’s GDP, and employ 63% of the US workforce. They’re also responsible for 78% of all new job creation, and 35% of Fortune 500 companies are family-controlled.

2020 was devastating for many businesses. And while there are signs of recovery on the horizon, small and medium-sized family-owned businesses need our support.

To help, here are ways you can celebrate and uplift family-owned businesses in your community and across the nation. From visiting in-person to shopping online, there are countless ways you can show your favorite Mom and Pop shops some love.

Shop small

The best way to support small businesses, especially as many try to recover from a hard 2020, is to shop locally. Consider transitioning some of the purchases you traditionally make at larger retailers to smaller Mom and Pop shops. Believe it or not, this actually maximizes your dollar — it not only supports family-owned businesses but your local community commerce as well.

Beyond heading to your favorite specialty stores and boutiques, consider also supporting local service-based businesses. For example, if you’ve found yourself itching for a home remodel, landscaping, re-decorating, or more, try partnering with local firms and businesses to help achieve your vision.

Disclaimer: In-person shopping and retail reopenings vary county-by-county, please adhere to CDC guidelines and local mandates prior to visiting stores in-person.

A “like” goes a long way

Social media is another great way to promote and support family-owned businesses from the comfort of your home. Beyond following and liking photos, consider using your platform to spread awareness about a favorite shop, brand, or business. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all have generated creative ways that you can spread the word. From Stories to Fleets, it’s now simple (and fun) to get the word out. Even better — your social posting can support a good cause. Your engagement gives visibility to those smaller brands and can lead to an increase in their sales.

Share the love

Had superior service at a cafe you visited? Love your optometrist? Obsessed with your handmade sweater? Leave a review. Sharing the details of your experience goes a long way for both businesses and consumers. In fact, 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product, and 31% are more on a business with excellent reviews.

And your review can help create a long-lasting impact. Those reviews help businesses increase trust with customers, build community, and strengthen company culture. You’ll be one step closer to helping a family-owned business build long-term success.

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