Introducing Cost Estimation and Deputy Referrals

by Jake Shelley, 1 minute read
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The team at Deputy have been working really hard to bring you some exciting news today. We are introducing Estimated Rostering Costs, a new feature for existing Pro users. This is the thing you’ve been asking for above all others and we’re extremely proud to show it to you. We can’t wait for new and existing customers to take advantage of this and use it to streamline their rosters and make better business decisions!

To configure estimates, you simply need to navigate into your team list, edit one of your team members and then input their Weekday, Saturday and Sunday rates. These 3 rates will provide you with accurate estimation costs for each member of your team, everyday. These figures will also be evident when exporting your timesheets as you can now check at the end of your pay period the estimate of how much your team has cost you.

What if I have a lot of employees? Will I have to go through this process for every single person?
Setting the costings of your employees can be done in bulk. You can navigate to your team list and using the checkboxes you can select all employees who share the same rates. When you have finished selecting your team members, you can then select Bulk Actions > Set Rates.

Can I import rates?
If you import employees from Xero, it will automatically import their rates. We will align the “Ordinary Rates” as Weekday. We will then look for “Sat”, “Sun” in other Pay Items they have in their pay template and pick those rates up accordingly. You can also import from WageEasy and get the rates.

Can I set a separate public holiday rate?
Not at this time but a public holiday rate is something we’ll be introducing in the coming months.

Today also marks the introduction of our brand new Customer Referral program. We sincerely appreciate every time our customers share their positive experiences of Deputy with others. To show our appreciation, we have developed a new incentive based referral program that rewards those who successfully recommend Deputy to their friends or associates. We want to share the benefits of spreading the word about Deputy! Just click on the trophy logo at the top once you have logged in.

To all our customers who provide constant feedback and support requests, it really does help us understand what we need to do to improve Deputy, so thank you!