It’s The Little Moments that Count: Deputy Celebrates Shift Workers

by Marina Plume, 2 minutes read
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This Sunday, November 27, is the first-ever global Shift Worker Sunday, presented by Deputy. 

Hour after hour, millions of shift workers globally clock in to solve our everyday problems and keep the world ticking. They showed up during the pandemic and continue to show up - from serving coffee to keep us at our best, to delivering meals for energy, or caring for us and our loved ones when we need it, shift workers are the backbone of our communities. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, shift workers will be stepping up even more - keeping our communities connected and thriving during the busiest, most hectic and chaotic times of the year. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the “little” moments that make all the difference. 

So we’ve made it official —  November 27 is the first-ever international #ShiftWorkerSunday — a designated day meant to recognize all the hard work shift workers do to support and uplift our communities!

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Shift workers' impact far transcends their job titles. Join us in recognizing those who make our days great and share how their kindness has left a lasting impact:

🛍️ write thank you notes for the retail staff working holiday rushes

🍻 treat your favourite server or bartender to a meal out with a gift card

👩‍⚕️ send coffee or treats to the team at your local care clinic

💞 tell your local barista, mechanic, or any shift worker (and their manager) about a time they turned your day around

Shift Worker Sunday is the first international day to recognise those members of our community who work around the clock to support us, especially around the holidays. 

Celebrate all year round, but join us in making a difference on November 27. Consider doing acts of kindness for the shift workers in your life like buying coffees for the employees at your local boutique, sending thank you notes to the nurses at your doctor’s office, or asking your favourite server where they like to eat and treating them with a gift card. 

Deputy’s vision is to create thriving workplaces in every community. This includes properly recognizing and appreciating those who keep our communities together. Let’s shift work forward together.