Celebrating Shift Worker Sunday with #ASimpleThanks

by Marina Plume, 2 minutes read
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What is Shift Worker Sunday? 

Shift Worker Sunday, celebrated annually on the last Sunday of November, is the first-ever official holiday recognizing the 2.7 billion shift workers who make up 80% of the world’s workforce. Launched by Deputy in 2022, Shift Worker Sunday is all about celebrating the hourly workers who keep our communities thriving through all of life’s moments, big or small, exciting or nerve-wracking — shift after shift. 

On Shift Worker Sunday, we honor the workers who make sacrifices every day, often miss special occasions or events, and work regardless of the time of day. From our daily stop at the coffee shop to a loved one’s surprise birthday dinner, and even the nerve-wracking doctor’s appointment, shift workers are there supporting us through it all. 

What is #ASimpleThanks? 

#ASimpleThanks is our 2023 Shift Worker Sunday theme, hashtag, and call to action for the larger community! We surveyed thousands of shift workers worldwide to find out how they like to be recognized for a job well done. The overwhelming response? 

A simple thank you goes a long way.” 

At Deputy, we believe #ASimpleThanks is just the start. Giving #ASimpleThanks can mean leaving that great tip, writing that standout review, sharing your shoutout to a shift worker on social media, doing an act of kindness, or simply remembering to say “thank you” to the shift workers who make a difference in your daily life.

What is #2023ClockOut? 

The 2023 Clock Out experience is our way of saying #ASimpleThanks to every shift worker on Deputy. #2023ClockOut is an interactive in-product experience providing each shift worker on Deputy with a tailored, personalized wrap-up of all they’ve accomplished over the past year. Shift workers can share their #2023ClockOut achievements on social media and via messaging, featuring highlights from their year and insights into their work life.

How can you get involved?

On a typical day out, you likely interact with or benefit from the work of countless shift workers. Those "little" moments throughout the day can often make the biggest difference, yet often go without the recognition they deserve. 

Give #ASimpleThanks to the shift workers in your community on Shift Worker Sunday. Consider sending thank you notes to the nurses at your doctor’s office, saying thank you to your barista for always making your morning cup just right, or writing an online review for the retail worker who helped you find that perfect gift.

Many businesses are short-staffed during the holiday season and experience rushes. Remember to be extra patient and thank the shift workers you interact with for their hard work. 

Celebrate all year round, but join us in making a difference on November 26 and recognize the shift workers who work around the clock to keep our communities thriving! Follow along with the #ASimpleThanks movement, check out our social media toolkit, and join the SWS fun at asimplethanks.org