5 Ways Keep Your Best Employees From Getting Poached

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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When you make your employees a priority, you see a result. Happier employees means less turnover and a more efficient business.

But when your staff isn’t happy, they’re not likely to stick around.

Read on for five ways to keep your best employees from getting poached.

1. Create an Employee of the Month program

A simple thank you and acknowledgement goes a long way towards making an employee feel recognized.

And when it comes down to it, your employees just want to feel appreciated for all the hard work they do. Dealing with demanding customers, cleaning bathrooms, or closing up the shop late at night isn’t always easy.

An employee of the month program gives public recognition to deserving staff — and there are probably a lot of people who deserve it. You might also consider providing a little bonus to the employee of the month, such as a gift card. This incentive further encourages your employees to strive to be productive, and also creates a workforce that appreciates you as a manager.

Why it works: Employees who feel valued are less likely to desert your establishment for greener pastures.

2. Provide leadership and coaching opportunities

Employees working on an hourly basis in the retail, hospitality, or healthcare sectors might often think there isn’t much opportunity for growth or advancement. And when they don’t see any upwards mobility, they could be swayed by another job that gives them that opportunity.

Instead, offer leadership and coaching opportunities. You can provide onsite training or enable your team to do it online through through tools like Skillshare or Lynda.

Why it works: Leadership training gives your team the chance to learn new skills, become better decision makers, and eventually acquire the capacity to effectively lead others.

3. Make ongoing feedback part of your culture

When you have employee turnover and no backfill, what happens? Daily operations suffer, of course. And you then have to go through the long process of hiring and training a new employee.

When you’re giving feedback, make sure you’re giving timely feedback. Don’t wait weeks before you tell your employee they should have done a task differently. And be specific. When you’re vague, your staff won’t know how to improve or what you actually need from them.

Instead of criticizing, scolding, or generally being negative with an employee, take the time to sit with them and discuss how they can improve and what you can do to help.

Why it works: Constructive feedback helps foster a culture of transparency and growth.

4. Empower your employees

Give your employees the opportunity to take charge of their work life. Use a smart workforce management system that lets staff swap shifts amongst themselves, or find open shifts if they want to pick up more hours.

With the right tools, employees who need to take time off can find a replacement on their own. This gives employees more control over their work, not to mention that it saves you time and headache.

Why it works: Your employees will love being able to manage their schedule. Plus, they’ll be able to block out times they’re not available and request time off without the back and forth.

5. Hold a team offsite

Help your team enjoy themselves at work and unwind with a team offsite. Hold an occasional party or competition with your employees to show your appreciation and foster team-building. Picnics, barbecues, baseball games, fantasy football leagues, baking competitions. There possibilities are endless.

Why it works: A team offsite gives your employees a way to build camaraderie and feel part of the team — without having to be at work.

Retain your best employees

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