9 New Year's Resolutions Retailers Have Already Ditched

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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So long, 2020. Hello, 2021.

It’s a few days into the new year and just a few days ago you were feeling refreshed. You were ready to make this year the best one yet. Sure you set some lofty goals, but some of them are totally manageable. Or so you thought.

Read on for five New Year’s resolutions that retailers have already ditched. Have you broken any of these resolutions too? You’re not alone.

1. Increasing your step count

Between changing safety regulations and staying on top of your other resolutions, hitting the gym doesn’t seem feasible right now. So you thought you’d get your fitness training in with some extra steps at work. You tell yourself that you’re going to park far away or you’re going to do laps around the store on your break to get a few extra steps.

But just days in, your feet are killing you. And instead of walking on your break, maybe you’ll use that time to catch up on some reading. After all, you just received a few books as gifts. Well, you’ll get to those after you check your email and social media feeds.

2. Getting ahead of re-stocking shelves regularly

You made it through the mad rush of the holidays and can finally exhale a sigh of relief. Now that you have a little downtime before the next big holiday sale, you thought you’d be on top of it all. You were certain you’d have the time — and the drive — to stock the shelves before they’re empty.

But now you’ve convinced yourself that if the shelves aren’t empty yet, why bother? You’ll get to it when the products are low(er).

3. Spend less and save more

One of your favorite parts of the holiday season is making that overtime or holiday pay. Usually, you spend that cash right away, trying to take advantage of some of the extended holiday sales.

But this year will be different, you tell yourself. You’re going to save that money. If you save enough, maybe you’ll take a vacation. Or add it to your savings account. You’re a year older and a year wiser. You really don’t need the latest tech gadget. But the sales are going to end soon. When you buy now, you’re technically saving money instead of paying full price.

You’ll try to spend less next year.

4. Only spending your employee discount on items you really need

Ok. You’ve decided that if you’re going to still spend money, you’re at least only going to buy at your store (or an affiliate store) so you can use your employee discount. And on top of that, you’re going to be practical. What do you really need?

But heck, after a year like 2020, you deserve to have a little fun. Treat yourself. Or, at least give back to others in need. Find local charities or other organizations that could use a donation.

5. Making your lunch every day

It’s healthy, it’s cheaper, and it’s more efficient to make lunch and bring it to work each day. But you’ve always been so lazy in the past. This is the new year though, so you’re ready to make this resolution stick.

It’s hard when the food around you is so tempting, and you want to give those restaurants and cafes your business. They know how to make the salads and sandwiches just the way you like it — and they do it better than you too. Maybe packing your lunch every day was a bit too ambitious. Is it too late to change that resolution to once a week?

Easy wins

Sometimes when you set goals, you’re looking for both those short-term and long-term wins. You want to see that immediate payoff, but also want to feel confident knowing that you’re setting yourself up for success in the future.

Thankfully, there are some resolutions that are easy to keep and will help make your 2021 the best one yet. Sign up for a free trial of Deputy to simplify scheduling, communication, and shift work.

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