5 Reasons Delivery Workers Deserve More Credit

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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When you’re stuck at home watching Netflix, it’s so easy to click “buy” on that new pair of sweatpants or that taco order. Need to get groceries but don’t want to venture outside?

Delivery drivers are there.

The workforce of today doesn’t resemble the workforce of ten years ago or even last year. Who helps it all run smoothly? Delivery workers of all types. Here’s how.

1. You can get sushi and boba delivered to your door

For a lot of workers, lunch options meant ordering pizza or Chinese food. Others were lucky with a sub shop down the corner or a taco truck. Restaurants today adapt to pandemic regulations by adding delivery to their services — meaning more options on your lunch break. Or any break.

Missing Monday morning doughnut meetings? There’s a courier ready to bring doughnuts and a pot of coffee right now. In the mood for sushi? Now you can enjoy it without changing out of your sweatpants. Craving a latte? Drink runs are easier now than ever before.

2. Couriers are a (brief) source of human interaction

There’s no shame in admitting it. Everyone's a little lonely right now. Quarantines mean you’re seeing the same faces (if any) every day. Obsessive Instagram checking and Zoom meetings aren’t scratching the itch for socializing.

Humans are social, and most of us aren’t meant for long term isolation.

The postman at your door also serves as a brief reminder that other humans are out there, and they care. But resist the urge to hug them. Social distancing is still a good idea.

3. They meet so many dogs but don’t get to pet them

Any dog lover will tell you this is a tragedy. Worse, dogs would rather defend their home from the “intruder” coming to the door. The old joke about dogs chasing the mailman has some merit. Many dogs won’t understand that all the strangers coming to the house are harmless.

Be mindful of this if you’ve got a dog in the home. Give them extra reassurance that the delivery worker is safe, or keep them away from the front door.

4. Couriers deliver your new sets of loungewear

Working from home calls for a different wardrobe from working in the office. Those suits, dress pants, or heels are no longer necessary. And with many companies announcing their staff will work from home indefinitely, who knows when you’ll need to take those out of the closet again.

So what’s the next workwear trend? Comfort. Blistering heels and wool suits are out. Fuzzy slippers and sweatpants are in. Keep a few dressy shirts to look presentable for virtual calls and lounge around your makeshift home office in the “new normal” school of fashion.

Are your old work clothes taking too much room in your closet? Ship them away for extra cash and space.

5. You can keep up with all the new food trends

From whipped coffee to endless sourdough and more, people are using their free time at home to rediscover their creative side in the kitchen. If you’re one of them, you know you’ll end up going through a lot of flour, instant coffee, or anything else. But what to do when you can’t make multiple trips to the grocery store?

Delivery drivers are there for you. They’re ready to restock your groceries of choice, no questions asked. Nobody needs to know the real reason why you need 20 pounds of flour and cupcake sprinkles daily.

Delivering a better schedule

We owe a lot to delivery workers as a whole. Not only are many of them making the most of a bad working situation, but they’re helping make life a little easier for everyone. Give your mailman or food delivery driver a word of thanks today. Just be sure to do so at a safe distance.

And if you’re in the delivery business — or a business that partners with delivery — time is everything. Smoother scheduling, flexible shift swapping, and accurate pay. Deputy can help you and your business adapt to the new ways of working. Find out how.

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