Confessions From the Workplace: 8 Reasons You’ve Ditched Work

Katie Sawyer

Katie Sawyer

September 13, 2019

Confessions From the Workplace: 8 Reasons You’ve Ditched Work

Katie Sawyer,
September 13, 2019

In general, you’re a hard worker. You actually like your job, which surprises even you sometimes. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get the urge to take a day off every once in a while. 

Read on for nine common reasons people ditch work — and see how many excuses you’ve used in real life.

#1: You’re actually sick

You take your Vitamin D pills. You get plenty of sleep. You swoon over your daily green tea. But it’s inevitable. You tried to avoid it, but you caught the cold that has been passing through your office. 

You thought you could power through, but even walking to start your coffee pot was too much. Instead of that wake-me-up cup, you reach for some cough drops and nasal spray instead.

#2: You’re faking sick

Even if you’ve never held a thermometer against the lightbulb to fake a fever, you’ve likely faked an illness. Maybe you “ate bad sushi” or “woke up with a scratchy throat.”

Keep those pjs on, grab a warm blanket, and throw on The Price Is Right. 

#3: A family emergency (aka your dog walker cancelled)

You had planned to go to work, really. But when your dog walker cancelled, what choice do you have except to stay home and play with your goldendoodle Teddy all day? It wouldn’t be fair to keep him cooped up inside all alone.

#4: Free tickets to Taylor Swift

You don’t even like Taylor Swift. Sure, her songs are catchy and one (or three) of those songs might be on your Spotify playlist. But it doesn’t mean you would buy tickets to see her. But it just so happens that your friend got free tickets from work and needs a friend to go with her. How could you say no?

#5: Woke up with a migraine (aka hungover)

You really didn’t need that last beer, but your favorite sports team is in the playoffs for the first time ever. You figured you would still be home in time to get a good night’s sleep. But what you didn’t think about is that it’s tough to sleep off that many beers before a long day of work. So you woke up with a pounding headache. And the thought of having to be on your feet all day just makes it worse. 

#6: Spontaneous vacation

You and your spouse have been working a lot lately. You’ve been saving up for a trip in a few months and hadn’t noticed how many overtime shifts you’ve picked up. So when you started talking, you realized that you already hit your savings goal. To reward each other, you both decided to take a spontaneous trip out of town — just a little weekend getaway. You have to call into work first, but you can do that while you’re packing your suitcase.

#7: It’s nice outside

For all the days you dragged yourself out of bed when it was cold and rainy outside, don’t you get a freebie when it’s nice out? The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and there’s a skip in your step. Maybe you finally picked up the book you’ve been meaning to read and hit the park for a little rest and relaxation.

#8: You wanted to see the new Star Wars movie

The movie premiered at midnight, but you needed to get there a few hours earlier to get in line. And after the movie you were so exhausted you slept through your alarm. Whoops! Ok, maybe it wasn’t to see Star Wars, but you donned a cape and went to see the final Harry Potter movie, didn’t you?

Treat yourself

While it’s nice to get a break from work, you don’t want to leave your manager or your coworkers in a pinch. If your team uses Deputy, you can swap shifts with a friend directly on your phone. Sign up for a free trial of Deputy to try it out.

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