What Does the Retail Store of the Future Look Like?

Katie Sawyer

Katie Sawyer

January 21, 2020

What Does the Retail Store of the Future Look Like?

Katie Sawyer,
January 21, 2020

What’s in a number? 40,000 attendees, 800+ exhibitors, 400 speakers, 175+ sessions, three days. Those are the numbers from the National Retail Federation’s annual conference in New York last week. As part of the conference, Deputy attendees were invited to special store tours to hear from retail’s leading brands.

A key trend: retailers are putting the customer at the center of everything they do. For these brands, the number one goal was to make sure the customer walks away feeling like they got a unique and exciting experience.

Read on to see what five international brands are doing to keep their customers feeling special.

Ray-Ban is investing in experiential retail

Since the 1930s, Ray-Ban has made its mark with its signature aviator glasses. But now the famous eyewear brand is delighting its customers with more than just hip sunglasses.

To elevate the customer experience, the company is throwing an all-out party. Each week Ray-Ban invites customers to a party in their flagship SoHo store. Fans simply download the Ray-Ban app, and sign up for their newsletter. Once in the store, customers can create personalized, prescription glasses (don’t forget your vision insurance card) while listening to a DJ and sipping on some drinks. 

Chanel delivers high-end concierge services

Chanel has always been the epitome of class, but they’re taking class to a whole new level with their concierge services. 

Now you can book a custom vanity station to demo products tailored to your visit. Similar to a speakeasy, these minimalist stores include a concierge at the front desk. Use the app to check-in, and try out the makeup for free. To add to the experience, professional makeup artists (who don’t work on commission) are there to add a little flare. And if you try a product you love, you can purchase it right then and there or you can favorite it on your mobile app and order it later at your convenience. 

Dreems gives customers access to emerging designers

Dreems is taking a new approach to fashion by highlighting new designs from up and coming designers. Designers can “rent” hangers in the storefront to showcase their lines. That gives customers front and center access to new trends and designers from around the globe. But Dreems goes beyond the store window to feature these designers. The store also offers PR and photography support to designers to help display their work on social media.

Nike gives customers exclusive in-store styles

Nike is more than a shoe and sportswear store. Now, Nike is a place you can shoot hoops — while you purchase your new pair of sneaks. You also have access to exclusive in-store products to members who download their free app. And if you want to skip the line by ordering online, you can still choose the in-store pickup and save those delivery fees.

Converse puts a new spin on their classic look

Converse’s brand has stood the test of time with signature styles and timeless look. But just because something is classic it doesn’t mean it can’t be modern. Converse elevated their brand experience when they put the design in the hands of their customers. Customers can add custom designs to their Chucks — using designs Converse created or even bringing in their own fabric/designs to print. Bonus: Converse will create a custom t-shirt for you with the matching fabric pattern to help you complete the look. 

Get started on your future today

To hear about more brands that are focusing on the customer experience, check out this webinar to hear from retailer Draper James and learn how they are paving the way in 2020.

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