The Deputy Top Ten Social Features

by Ashik Ahmed, 2 minutes read
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We have noticed a growing pile of reports that point to the need for businesses to provide social technologies and tools to their employees to make them happy, productive and efficient.

The Deputy team is laser focused on continually making it easier for managers and workforces to use our platform. In the old days of IT, systems were complex, unwieldy and time-consuming, and few people in the organisation knew how the technology worked.

Now, technology is in the background, and an excellent user experience is front and centre. That presents terrific opportunities for managers to better engage with their staff.

On that note, we recently made a list of the top ten social features of the Deputy platform.

We hope it helps you to make your working life even more productive.

The Deputy Platform Social Top Ten

1. Managers can get access to staff rosters or individual shifts where ever they are, thanks to the magic of Deputy’s cloud computing platform. Thats makes life easier for them.

2. Managers can see who is available for an upcoming shift, and staff can let their managers know when they are free. This feature makes the whole shift management process much more efficient.

3. Managers can swap shifts with a few clicks. That enables staff who want more shifts to be awarded them.

4. Managers don’t have to constantly remind staff of their daily tasks, because they are advised what they are required to do when they check in for work every day.

5. Staff can learn about new routines and procedures instantly through the announcements platform. There is no delay in finding out about a new task.

6. The ability to communicate to all staff via our tasking system provides a level of clarity and alignment across the business. Managers can feel more confident that tasks are being completed, and staff have clear direction.

7. Deputy reduces any confusion, or hassle, in entering or managing timesheets. Simply check in and check out via Deputy, and your work hours are recorded. That makes everyone happier.

8. Staff can be recognised and rewarded for the good work they do, care of the Deputy journal system that makes it easy for managers to comment on their individual performance.

9. Managers can use the dashboard to build employee connections by noting down when staff birthdays are happening, enabling them to make a song and dance for the individual.

10. Staff can see who they are working with on a shift the minute they check in.

These are just a few of the ways that the Deputy platform makes your business more engaged with your teams.

Why not take Deputy for a test run. Sign up for a free account and experience the difference Deputy can make to your business operations.