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by Sarah Niderost, 4 minutes read
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As a barista, you have to handle the pressure of a busy work environment, all while completing multiple job duties at the same time. When you take a customer’s order, you immediately need to get their drink started. If they order any food with their beverage, you also need to manage to have their whole meal ready to be picked up at once.

On average, a single person drinks 42 liters of coffee every year. This probably isn’t shocking to you if you’ve ever worked a morning shift at a cafe.

As you prepare your resume for your next barista role, you don’t want to miss including valuable skills on your resume.

Read on to find out what valuable skills you’ll need to add during your job search.

1. Product knowledge

Knowing your cafe’s products well will help you learn which drink is the easiest and fastest to make or which hot beverage takes time to prepare but is the most popular. You’ll also know how to upsell any menu item when you’re approached by a customer who’s curious about your drink recommendations.

Product knowledge is also helpful to have when it comes to customer service. When you sound like you know your product well, your customers will feel that you care about their experience at your cafe with how much detail you can provide to them.

When you’re adding your product knowledge skills to your resume, make sure to include how having these skills resulted in success in your previous role.

2. Organization and cleanliness

Keeping your cafe clean will let customers know how much care and attention you want to deliver during their visit. Plus, there aren’t many people that particularly enjoy seeing burnt milk on a steam wand.

Want to impress your potential manager? Explain how you stay on top of your tasks, even in a stressful environment. Your calm, cool, and collected demeanor is the perfect complement to serving up that latte.

3. Communication

As a barista, communication is one of the most essential skills to have. You speak with customers and other baristas throughout your shift to make sure you’re serving the right beverage with the right order. And if your cafe is releasing any seasonal drinks throughout the year, you need to make sure you mention it to interest customers for product upselling.

Being a clear communicator is also helpful for your potential manager and fellow coworkers. Let your future employer know that you’re transparent with others when you’re available, when you’re not, and when you need help accomplishing a task that was given to you.

If you use any communication platforms to connect with anyone at your workplace, make sure to include it too. The more ways you can communicate, the better.

4. Stress management

There may have been times when your cafe had a line out the door, several large orders, and impatient customers at the espresso bar. Having the ability to handle pressure in stressful work situations has not only helped you succeed in your previous role but will also help your next workplace run smoothly. Your stress management skills will make you an excellent asset for a busy coffee shop and a great team player as well.

5. Technological skills

POS systems sometimes take time to understand fully and use efficiently. If you have any experience using Square, Toast, or Lightspeed, include every platform you’ve used. Knowing how to use these digital tools will take time out of training you — and teach other team members how to streamline taking orders.

If you clock into work using a scheduling app, take note of it on your resume. The more software solutions you use, the more your hiring manager can see how they can utilize your technological expertise at their cafe.

6. Industry knowledge

Your awareness of industry trends and selling techniques can easily catch your potential manager’s eye. Include how many years you’ve worked in the coffee industry and key takeaways that have resulted in career accomplishments.

7. Customer Service

As a barista, you speak with customers during your entire shift. You answer questions about the menu, listen carefully to their orders, and serve their beverage with a smile. Customer service is one of the essential skills to have in your role.

Do what you love

Working in a cafe is no easy job. But seeing happy customers, making creative drinks, and working on a schedule that you love outweigh all the stress you encounter. Include these valuable skills on your next resume and stand out to your future employer.

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