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by Sarah Niderost, 4 minutes read
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After over a year of shifting safety and health restrictions, businesses are starting to look forward and grow as the pandemic finally comes to an end. As more customers browse through shops and dine inside, it’s a good time for you to invest in new hires.

But with so many potential employees looking for work, how can your new job postings stand out? And how do you hire quickly (and easily)?

Posting on a variety of platforms can help the right candidate connect with your business. Keep reading to learn where you should post job listings in 2021 to attract the best new hires.


Indeed is a big search engine for job listings. Stand out on Indeed with your staff perks. Whether it’s creating a schedule that suits the candidate’s needs, or a great PTO plan, your job posting will gain more traffic when candidates can see that there’s additional bonuses they’ll get if they join your company.

Indeed also has features for your current and past employees to rate what it’s like working at your company from a scale of 1-5. Make it a priority to consistently connect with your employees so that they will feel motivated to rate their workplace, and recommend your company to their connections.


You can find job opportunities all over the globe on this online job search aggregator. As one of the world’s largest job posting platforms, Jora collects posts from other websites and employers can also post new job ads on it for free.

Jora is extremely useful if your company has multiple locations in different cities and countries. If you have more than one store or restaurant, make sure to specify the location in the job description. If different locations require different role responsibilities, double check your job ad to ensure it perfectly matches what the different positions require.

Your newsfeed

Post new job listings on channels where you communicate with your team. If you use a platform with centralized newsfeed feature, post your available positions so that your team has a glance at any available roles they can either grow into or pass on to their network.

Quick tip: Post available job positions on your communication app before other platforms so that your team can have the first look at new opportunities. It can be a great way for them to review any descriptions and help you optimize them to ensure you’re attracting the right candidates.


LinkedIn has over 700 million global users and is continuing to grow. Here you’ll be able to reach potential employees in different industries, skill sets, and experience levels. When you’re posting on this platform, remember to include any specific requirements that each job may have. The more you describe what an ideal candidate looks like, the more you’ll attract the right applicants.

Linkedin is great for connecting with other people in your industry. You can reach out to your professional network and see if any of your colleagues know anyone that’s perfect for the position you’re hiring for. Looking for a new buyer? Reach out to your fellow boutiques and see if they know anyone looking for new opportunities.

Protip: If you’re looking for someone to do a specific task with a specific tool, include that in the job description. For example, if you’re looking for someone to automate your scheduling, you might want to list the role as “Lead Staff Scheduler (Deputy)” as the job title. When someone knows how to use that tool, they’ll jump at the chance to translate their skills to the new role.


Social media can be a great tool to have as a business in many ways, including for hiring processes. Find a great photo of your team members and use the post to let your social media audience know you’re hiring. Summarize job descriptions in the caption and include any specific URLs that the applicant will need to locate in order to apply to your company.

Your window

Not everyone has access to a smartphone or laptop. Work with your staff to create a poster that stands out and post it to a window that people often pass by. This way, you can ensure that you’re thinking holistically about posting new job opportunities for your company. Instead of accepting digital copies of resumes, you can also accept physical copies too.

Start hiring

Now that you know what channels to use to post your open job listings, you’re ready to start your hiring process. Posting a new job opportunity is one step closer to growing your company in the future of shift work.

Download the 2021 Job Search and Hiring Guide to discover how you can reinvent hiring this year.

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