New updates for Xero

by Ashik Ahmed, 1 minute read
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With all the roadshows in Australia and Xerocon in London, I think it’s time for us to introduce some Xero updates and improvements.

Multi Location shared connection

Now you can connect multiple locations to the same Xero account. Previously you could only connect one location in your whole deputy account. It may sound trivial but believe me when I say that it took some serious engineering to achieve this. Mainly because we treat each location as complete separate silos as far as data security is concerned.

Xero Time Billing

The Xero time billing integration has been improved to cross utilize the Xero payroll data connection. Also time billing has several advanced options such as award interpretation for rates.


Additional Xero Integrations

We have added new integrations for Xero in our dispatch project:


  • Creating a new customer in Xero will auto create that customer as an area in Deputy. Handy for service type businesses.
  • Creating a new supplier in Xero will auto create that supplier as an employee in Deputy. If you use contractors, you may find this useful.
  • Creating a new Employee in Xero will auto create that employee in Deputy. Ideally we recommend that you always create the employee in Deputy first which will create the employee in Xero. However if you are using other platforms for recruitment which populates that employee in Xero for you, this integration may be useful.
  • Read Xero sales invoice into Deputy similar to our POS integrations

These Xero integrations will certainly make a big difference in how you use Deputy and Xero.