You Asked, We Listened: The All New Deputy Android

Nahid Haque

Nahid Haque

Product Evangelist

November 08, 2016

You Asked, We Listened: The All New Deputy Android

Nahid Haque, Product Evangelist
November 08, 2016

Scheduling made easier with Android 3.0

It’s been a long journey for us at Deputy – November 3rd marked our 8th year serving customers around the globe! We’ve primarily been focused on meeting our customer’s needs, but unfortunately we’ve let some customers down. We’ve neglected our Android user experience in the past, but great companies learn from their mistakes. That’s why today’s special –  we’ve got a sweet Android gift for you!

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce Version 3.0 of the Deputy Android App.  With this new update, scheduling your employees is right at your fingertips. We’ve been working very hard for the last 3 months to achieve feature parity with our Deputy iOS app. But we’re not stopping there, we’ve packed many features into this release!


We’ve already brought you the new Me tab, Shift Swap and 2 Factor Authentication, but let’s take a look at what you can expect in this update:

Scheduling made easy

You can now see your entire schedule with a brand new calendar view. With a quick glance, you can see who’s scheduled to work today, who’s running late and who’s currently on shift!


But wait, there’s more for managers..

Within the schedule tab, you’ll notice the brand new floating button. What is that you say?


Add shift

No need to go back to your PC while you’re working. You can finally add and assign shifts to your employees on the fly! If you’ve made a mistake, don’t worry – you can update shifts too!


Copy shifts

Schedule faster and let us do the heavy lifting for you. With only a few taps you can easily copy todays shifts to tomorrow.


Instant notifications…

Notify your staff instantly, with a hit of a button. Publishing shifts has never been easier.



We’ve never looked this sexy!

The Deputy Android app now leads the catwalk. We’ve finally brought the features you’ve seen on iOS, but designed and built it natively for Android. Our designers have thought long and hard trying to find the right balance of Deputy and Android material design. With that, we’re really excited to unravel the newly designed Me & Schedule tab.




The Future

We’re not stopping at 3.0, we’re committed to continuously bring you the latest features and updates to Android. We’ll also be bringing the ability to approve timesheets and mark staff absent, to Android very soon. We love hearing your feedback because that’s what helps us develop the best workforce management app. Thank you for your patience and support so far—we’re excited for the next six months!

A big thank you to our Android squad for helping ship Android 3.0. Thanks for all your effort!

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