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Why join our Systems Engineering team?

Our Systems Engineering team works across all aspects of the entire Deputy platform, brainstorming and problem-solving ways in which they can clock in for our customers more effectively.

We know that our Deputy team is stronger together when we each own our shifts, so we provide the capabilities for our teams to be autonomous for this purpose. Making tools available is a big focus for us, giving us a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest tools available.

Allan Shone
“Deputy is very open with our communication and our ways of working. We are blameless in our approach to problem solving and collaborative in how we tackle our initiatives.” Allan Shone, Systems Engineering Lead
A day in the life of Al at Deputy
Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Deputy?

 I lead the Systems Engineering team at Deputy, affording me the opportunity to work across all aspects of the entire Deputy platform. Personally, I really enjoy this ability to apply myself in so many different ways for so many different reasons, meaning I can always utilise my experience and drive for the best possible outcomes.

What attracted you to Deputy and what have you enjoyed most since joining? 

I really like the idea behind Deputy: giving more flexibility and control back to individuals in a world that is traditionally very difficult to be a part of. This flexibility, self-service, and more of an autonomous approach resonate with me on a fundamental level, giving me a very positive notion in the work I do. When I began interviewing, it was clear that my (now) colleagues were the kind of people I love to work with, from a diverse background with a wealth of experience to utilize.

What does Systems Engineering mean at Deputy?

At Deputy, Systems Engineering is about the technical and cultural aspects of the Deputy platform, and the team that works across it. We make sure that the platform is up and running, available for our customers, while also ensuring that our internal customers are able to carry out their work as they need to do. This means that we can have a wide range of tasks that we work on, with varying degrees of visibility both within and outside Deputy. We could be writing code one day, and the next preparing a post-incident report for customers. We encompass infrastructure, technical operations, incident management, site reliability, and developer tooling — there’s no shortage of interesting and complex problems for us to solve!

What do you find most interesting about your job? And what do you find the most challenging?