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Deputy helps Cheers to Ewe create an empowering environment for their employees

North Carolina, USA
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At a glance

  • Deputy provides a clear and user-friendly structure for important task management
  • Creates an empowering environment for the employees
  • Deputy is used as an official HR department, keeping the shop running professionally

The Story

Cheers To Ewe! is a yarn lifestyle shop opened by Ladianne and wife Sheri in March of 2017. The award-winning name came about during a conversation and was described as an ‘a-ha’ moment for the couple. Both Ladianne and Sheri have a passion for fine yarn and wanted to create an inspiring and colorful environment where anyone could come in and buy yarn. “We’re often referred to as people’s happy place!” says Ladianne.

As their store grew, they decided to add on classes focused on knitting, crocheting, and weaving. In fact, owner Ladianne is currently working her way through the Master Hand Knitter program offered by The Knitting Guild Association.

Not only are the owners busy running their yarn shop, but they are also extremely active in the community. “Community and volunteerism are two of our company’s central values,” says Ladianne. “We work with Classroom Central to collect school supplies and always try to give back to Classroom Central and other local nonprofit organizations whenever we can.”

"We’re often referred to as people’s happy place!"

cheers to ewe

The Challenge

When it came to tracking and scheduling their employees, Sheri and Ladianne had no clue where to begin. “I came from a marketing background and never dealt with scheduling before,” says Ladianne. The owners wanted to make sure to not only invest in their business, but in their employees as well. “It’s about making sure our shop is always ready for visitors,” explains Ladianne, “Our employees are the backbone of our business, so it’s important to us that we provide them with the best tools.”

Ladianne and Sheri began searching for an affordable, user-friendly scheduling solution that would be easy for everyone to use. “We have a variety of teachers and employees here, so we wanted a tool that wasn’t complicated to use.”

"Our employees are the backbone of our business, so it’s important to us that we provide them with the best tools."

cheers to ewe

The Solution

After discovering Deputy, everyone on the Cheers to Ewe team was able to quickly learn and adapt to the app. “Deputy is very intuitive, it wasn’t difficult to learn,” says Ladianne, “Task management is very important to us, and Deputy provides a clear and user-friendly structure for us.”

Because Ladianne and Sheri value their employees, they understand that everyone’s time is critical. The task management feature gives the team at Cheers to Ewe! Yarn Shop the organization they need to run their classes and keep their customers happy. “Deputy helps create an empowering environment for our employees,” says Ladianne. “That matters just as much as the scheduling process.”

Since Cheers to Ewe! Yarn Shop is a small business lacking the typical structure that a larger business would offer, having access to the suite of tools included with Deputy is critical. Now, with Deputy, their business has an ‘HR Department’. “We use Deputy as our unofficial HR department,” explains Ladianne, “Deputy makes it easy to store all of our important files together as well as providing a space to communicate any updates. Utilizing a tool like Deputy makes us more professional.”

Ladianne also noted the affordability and flexibility that Deputy provided for her business. “As we grow, Deputy will be able to grow with us, and that’s what we love about Deputy,” says Ladianne, “Overall, Deputy has saved us time and money. It’s safe to say that we have saved 2 hours a week on scheduling.”

"As we grow, Deputy will be able to grow with us, and that’s what we love about Deputy."

cheers to ewe
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"Deputy has become a vital tool in the running of our business. My time building rosters has been cut to a fraction."
Garry Deakes
Owner, The Marina Ice Creamery
"I was setup and going in minutes. So easy to understand. So intuitive!"
Rami Rustom
IT and Services Professional
"Our admin time for Payroll is one fifth of what it used to be, and with more accuracy!"
Brendon Ford
Manager, Rashay's Pizza Pasta Grill
"Deputy is a cost effective, simple and robust solution for rostering staff and capturing time & attendance."
John Petrovich
Mobile Apps Evangelist, Telstra
"Great application and the customer service is fantastic."
Stephan Price
Director of Ecommerce & Technology
"Rostering and time sheets have never been so straightforward. What a fantastic and innovative tool."
Dr. John Hancock
"Deputy has been the best in delivering their promises. Their interface is amazing and simple to use."
Noelle Flores-Smith
President, Global DN Ventures Corp
"Deputy have allowed me to streamline the fortnightly payroll process."
Rachael Cameron
Payroll Officer, Magic Memories
"Fantastic intuitive time keeping software which works hand in hand with Xero."
Andrew Huntley
Director, Kenney Medical Solutions
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