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At a glance

  • Saves 2 days on creating a schedule
  • Makes their complex schedule simple
  • Total visibility increases accountability and morale for staff

The Story

HubSpot is an impressive and massive operation with more than 60,500 customers across more than 100 countries. At their U.S. headquarters, in Cambridge MA, their inbound sales department is led by Jaymie Sullivan. Inbound sales are the front line for HubSpot, fielding calls, chats, leading webinars and on-boarding.

Their complex department has complex scheduling needs.

Jaymie explored a few options, even having some come on site to do in person demos. Deputy’s willingness to not only help answer her questions but taking the time to record videos showing her how was the key difference maker in her decision.

"If I had a question, or anything at all that I needed from my point of contact, I would email them and within an hour I'd not only have an answer but a video showing me how."


The Challenge

Not only do they need coverage at all times, but they need seven areas filled for each shift time. With an expanding team, Jaymie knew using a combo of Google docs, Email, Slack and grabbing her in the hall wasn’t sustainable.

Not only did creating the schedule take three days, but it was consistently full of errors.

Creating schedule templates and then having a team member add people to the schedule has saved over 2 days in the process. From 3 days down to 3-5 hours to build the monthly schedule.

One schedule builder, Emma, says it’s fun to make the schedule. She also says the schedule visibility provides additional accountability for everyone.

"Using Google sheets to do the entire scheduling process literally took me about 3 days to do. With Deputy it takes me about 4-5 hours."


The Solution

Deputy is saving Jaymie over 2 days a month on creating a schedule. The increased visibility brings greater accountability to everyone on the team. Deputy’s shift notifications on mobile is another added benefit to the HubSpot team. Remember how complex their schedule needs are? With shift notifications, the inbound success team can see when and what shifts they’re working when they wake up every day.

The ease of use and team-wide adoption makes everyone’s life so much easier.

"The mobile app is huge...If I wake up, I can just look at my phone to see when and where I’m working."

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