Ensure Your Clinic Has Proper Coverage With the Stats Panel

by Chris Cooning, 2 minutes read
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Clinics such as veterinarians seek to optimize their business by matching their patient demand to their staff labor.

For practice managers, so much time and energy goes into ensuring the right staffing at all times — and predicting when demand will peak can be a real challenge.

When creating a schedule, there are many competing factors that need to be considered to ensure your coverage is balanced and on budget.

On the demand side, you have things like the number of patients requesting an appointment. On the cost side, you have scheduled hours tied to the cost of wages and potential overtime for scheduled employees.

We’ve provided an intuitive set of tools to help you keep your clinic’s labor costs in line with your revenue targets, all while maintaining ideal coverage and care at all times.

Introducing the stats panel

With our Stats Panel, you can see all of these factors in a simple snapshot, providing real-time budget guardrails as you schedule.

Stats Panel

Within this view, you can see how ‘busy’ your clinic is going to be on any given day. Surface important insights about your business, such as labor percentage and demand trends. View business performance on a day-to-day basis or over a period of time.

There are a variety of ways to configure your Smart Schedule features:

  • Set up daily or weekly budgets for your labor costs and measure against your goal as your shifts are scheduled and worked.

  • Create a staff labor model based on your clinic demand, using metrics such as revenue or appointments, which allows you to determine the correct number of staff based on your demand.

  • Accurately create and assign shifts based on your Smart Scheduling inputs (demand drivers, budget, labor models).

  • Generate a Deputy forecast for your demand, or import your own, so you can create a clear future schedule for your clinic.

Stats Panel - Forecasting

Once configured, get the full picture across all your clinic locations and areas with view-only data. Practice managers can calculate salary and PTO/leave costs with modeling inputs from our API.

Create cost-effective schedules with accurate wage forecasts and budget tracking. Achieve an ideal labor cost percentage with all the essential insights in one place.

Master healthcare staff scheduling by creating schedules well in advance — and easily adapt to last-minute changes. Sign up for a free trial to see how Deputy can erase your scheduling headache. Already using Deputy? Use the chat bubble at the bottom of the page to reach out with any questions.

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