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by Deputy Team, 4 minutes read
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As a business owner, you’re constantly impeded by sometimes unwanted notifications. Emails from your team, a new like on your company’s Facebook page, a reminder to pick up milk on the way home – just to name a few. While you’re enjoying your weekend at the beach you don’t need to know about your employee’s request to swap a shift, there’s a time and place for everything – now your team on the floor can deal with that!

As a manager on shift on a busy day, you’ve probably experienced times where you need to know if someone from your team is running late.

As your second in charge, Deputy aims to provide you with vital business information when you need it most. We believe in delivering you the right message at the right time.

We know how valuable your time is, so we’re here to help you stay focused.

Today we’re introducing a new way of being notified about your team’s shifts!

Now it’s easier for you to see who’s at work, who’s yet to arrive and more.

We’d like to show this notification, in action. Below we’ve scheduled Lyssa for a shift where Nahid is the manager on shift at the store. Lyssa’s running late and hasn’t had a chance to let her team know. While things are getting busy at the store, Nahid can rely on Deputy to let him know that his head chef is still on the way. Now Nahid can prepare for the busy evening ahead by asking one of his team members to stay around until Lyssa gets to the store.

To enable this feature, navigate to your Locations page and click ‘Edit Settings’ for the location you want to apply this new setting for -> Click Scheduling on the left -> Scroll to ‘Shift Notifications’ -> Click the drop down menu and you’ll see the new options

shift notifications

Choose who to notify – What do these options mean?

  • Schedule creator – This is the manager who published the shift

  • Scheduling Manager/s of Location – This includes all managers who have scheduling privileges for your workplace

  • Scheduling Manager/s of Location Working on Day – This includes all managers who have scheduling privileges for your workplace, that are on shift for the day

  • Best Fit – This option will determine the most appropriate team member to notify

    • Scheduling Manager/s of Location & Working

If none

  • Scheduling Manager/s of the Location

If none

  • Schedule creator

Here are some great Deputy extensions you can activate to be more informed about your business:

Late to clock on > Send Notification: Sometimes employees are late to work, or forget to clock in for their shift. Not anymore! This feature will send a notification to employees reminding them that their shift is about to start. It’s a great way to encourage punctuality.

Birthday today – Send Notification: With this feature a notification will be sent to the manager or the whole team via the News Feed when it’s someone’s birthday. It’s a great way to boost morale in the workplace. (Pro Tip: Use this feature to remind yourself of an upcoming pay rate change.

Un-filled Open Shift – Send Notification: Open Shift is a fantastic feature that allows managers to offer shifts out to available and properly trained employees. These shifts are then claimed by employees who are eager to work. If a shift is left unassigned, the manager receives a notification; there’s no need for them keep checking the schedule. They can be confident that upcoming shifts are covered

How do I enable these awesome extensions?

To activate these Deputy extensions, first navigate to your Locations page -> Click Edit Settings for the location you would like to activate extensions for -> Click Integrations on the left -> Click Select Services and click the check-box under Deputy -> Here you can activate all of our Deputy extensions. For more detailed info on each of our extensions, please refer to our help guide.

This animation shows you how to enable notifications –


We’re working towards providing you more relevant and appropriate notifications. We hope to bring you more notification feature improvements in the future – there’s more to go! We’d love to hear your feedback about our new manager notifications feature in the comments below.