4 Ways to Grow Your Medical Practice Using Cloud-Based Systems

by Caity Wynn, 3 minutes read
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Setting your medical practice up for successful growth starts with having the right systems and processes in place.

Using cloud-based systems is the key to scaling your business while keeping your patients and staff happy.

Cloud-based systems are cost-efficient, easy to use, and more secure.

While moving to the cloud might seem daunting, it will allow you to put in the necessary stepping stones to grow your clinic. Here are four ways in which cloud computing can help you grow your medical practice.

1. Systematize and automate manual tasks

Time spent on manual tasks is time spent away from seeing patients or working on other streams of revenue for your practice.

Creating systems for repetitive tasks such as patient onboarding and automating manual tasks like employee management provides a seamless experience for your patients. And those systems can save you time and money. So which systems should you implement first?

  • Digitize patient records. Replace paper records with a Practice Management System that makes it easy to access and update important patient information such as allergies, medication, and previous illnesses. No need to track down physical files or struggling to decipher illegible physician handwriting.

  • Automate employee management. Don’t waste time creating manual schedules, chasing timesheets, or ringing around to get shifts filled when one of your nurses calls in sick. Automate employee management and scheduling so that you can have an efficient practice.

  • Systematize your patient intake process. Attract new customers and retain existing ones by creating a consistent customer experience. Create a patient portal where patients can book appointments, refill prescriptions, and access their information (test results, invoices, fee estimates).

2. Automate employee onboarding

Your frontline staff are the lifeblood of a successful practice, and to ensure they're providing the best service to patients, they need to have the right training from day one.

Automating your employee onboarding ensures that your new staff members get the best training and have a positive experience straight out of the gate.

When growing your business and scaling up, make it easy to bring on more staff. Here's how.

  • Create a digital onboarding process. Never miss a step in your employee onboarding process again. Use workplace management software that has an employee onboarding feature.

  • Get personal with video. With increasingly disconnected social and work lives, using a video to announce new team members is a nice way to introduce them to the team, and can also be used to visually show new procedures.

  • Have a transparent task checklist. Using a cloud-based task list means that everyone has visibility over what needs to be done, making it easy for new employees to get up to speed.

3. Improve transparency

As your medical practice grows, you’ll need a better way to operate. If you can’t manage that (inevitable) chaos, your business growth can be limited.

Cloud-based systems help improve operational transparency across the team. And as you bring on new GPs or new senior practice managers, transparency will be the key to successful, sustainable growth.

Here are some ways to improve transparency in your business.

  • Have a central information hub. No more crossed wires. Keep everyone in the loop by using a workplace communication tool. This hub is very useful when rolling out new procedures and processes and can be used to tag employees and assign tasks.

  • Use read receipts. Ensure that all team members read announcements by requiring read receipts on your mobile app.

  • Send periodic reminders. For the super important recurring tasks, it doesn’t hurt to send reminders. If your practice is reopening after the pandemic, it’s important to remind your employees of new health and safety protocols.

4. Improve data security

By nature, your medical practice handles sensitive data like patient health records and employee data. So it’s important to keep your employee and practice details safe for legal and ethical reasons.

Security tested, cloud-based platforms protect your staff and practice data, giving you peace of mind.

  • Safely streamline internal operations. Cloud systems allow you to share information across your business easily, quickly, and securely. Knowing which software to focus your attention can be overwhelming. Start with an employee management system that can integrate with your payroll.

  • Back up your data. You can back up and retrieve your data securely on any cloud-based platform.

  • Set up access permissions. No more prying eyes or leaking of sensitive information. With cloud-based platforms, you can control who gets access to your premise data through access permissions and passwords.

Grow your practice with the cloud

Using cloud-based software platforms is the easiest way to grow your medical practice. They improve your clinic by automating manual tasks and employee onboarding, improving transparency, and increasing data security.

Sign up for a free trial, and start growing your practice with Deputy.

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