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Since using Deputy, NewVine Employment Group has saved 10 hours a week and $10,400 a year in employee time

Florida, United States
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At a glance

  • Save 10 hours a week on time and attendance admin
  • That saved time is worth approximately $10,400 a year
  • Significant reduction of manual tasks

The Story

NewVine Employment Group is a boutique staffing and recruiting agency that helps clients easily discover talented professionals — particularly in the light Industrial, administrative, and hospitality sectors.

NewVine Employment Group strives to provide a safe and comfortable work environment for every placed employee. Viewing clients as more of a partner, before engaging in any client-partnership, they ensure that both the worksite and the management style align with their core values — to provide their candidates with the best possible work opportunities.

With this foundation, clients see increased workplace satisfaction, leading to increased productivity from their assigned candidates. Because of this, more than 80% of their assigned candidates go on to achieve long term / full-time work with their clients. In fact, this is the ideal scenario for NewVine Employment Group’s Founder and President, Jared Black.

“That’s actually my favorite scenario; because we strive to treat the candidate so well and make sure they’re not only happy in the work that we’re providing to them, but more so that they enjoy their entire candidate experience. Once the candidate converts and becomes a full-time employee for our client, that candidate becomes another advocate for us on the client site.”

As a hands-on leader, Jared is connected to every department within the company. A typical day for him can include a myriad of priorities.

“I like to be available to my team for guidance, support, and as a sounding board. If a salesperson needs help getting a deal to the finish line, I’m the one who comes in to see how we can help the client so we can finalise a deal. I still love closing deals. I find each deal we close is a verification of the quality and service we’re providing. If not sales, I'm also primarily involved in meeting with clients to discuss their recruiting strategies and long term hiring goals. I make sure we have all of the right strategies in place, whether it’s managing our existing products or seeking out new software.”

“I like to be available to my team for guidance, support, and as a sounding board. If a salesperson needs help getting a deal to the finish line, I’m the one who comes in to see how we can help the client."

The Challenge

When it came to evaluating their software a few years ago, Jared realised one key piece was missing from their existing tech stack.

They already had an ATS and HRIS system. And they used Quickbooks to store payroll data and Google Sheets to house key contacts.

All of these platforms were effective as stand-alone tools but their team needed an efficient system to manage time and attendance.

“We had put together a bunch of random tools that are good individually. But we needed a [time and attendance] tool that would allow us to (1) be flexible with time and attendance, (2) be more efficient with time collecting, and (3) efficiently give permissions to certain work sites and people. There were only a few tools in the marketplace that allowed all three,” says Jared.

NewVine tried different systems that had their own native built-in time and attendance, but none ever fit the bill.

“They weren’t efficient, they were clunky. They wouldn’t allow for kiosk mode, they wouldn’t allow for segmentation, and they wouldn’t allow for different permission levels. It was either all or nothing with them, and we couldn’t accomplish what we wanted to do with those models.”

“The biggest impact [of Deputy] is on the elimination of manual tasks for my staff
and myself."

The Solution

In 2020, NewVine finally found the missing piece to its tech stack: Deputy. Right off the bat, Jared says he and his staff felt an impact on their day-to-day tasks.

“The biggest impact is on the elimination of manual tasks for my staff and myself. Which made my team more efficient, which in turn made them more productive in other areas. Then other tasks just got a lot easier. It definitely has saved me time and man-hours.”

The lighter weight of manual work hasn’t just afforded his whole team more time: it has also reduced costs. “It saves my staff time, which obviously helps me and helps the bottom line,” says Jared.

“It has saved approximately 10 hours a week from a department that could be among 3-4 people. For putting a dollar figure on it, it can be $20 an hour per staff member, summing up to $10,400 annually.”

Beyond the reduction of manual tasks and saved time, NewVine has also found Deputy’s scheduling feature very effective for controlling costs. It has allowed their team to predict what their clients’ manual labour costs would be days and even weeks in advance.

“Manual labor is a big cost. If you don’t control it, you’re going to lose money. So if a client knew that they needed more hands, I could add that to the scheduler and get almost an estimate of what their manual labor costs would be for that day or for that week,” says Jared.

NewVine also finds Deputy’s app really easy to use for their team, clients, and candidates. When Jared introduces Deputy to a new person, they instantly feel comfortable using it.

“The user interface and user experience is great. I think that it’s very user-friendly and straightforward. I love it.”

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