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Create the weekly work schedule in minutes, reduce costs and easily fill empty shifts.

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Scheduling for any business

Whether you run one location or one hundred, plan shifts in a fraction of the usual time. Schedule your employees to match budget, team availabilities and sales forecasts, and handle it all from desktop or mobile.


Keep staff updated

Send shift details straight to your team via web or app, instantly share any changes and request a confirmation to ensure details are received. Staff can keep track of their shifts from any device, so everyone’s on the same page.


No empty shifts

If a team member is down with the flu, offer their shift to available employees with the push of a button, and the first person to click “accept shift” gets the work. Or simply let staff swap amongst themselves.

More than your average shift planner

Auto scheduling


The perfect shift plan in one click

Use our software’s AI to keep staff coverage and costs at the best possible level. You can create shift plans that meet labor demand, budget and any custom requirements quickly and accurately.

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Auto scheduling

Break Planning

Make sure staff get the right breaks

Not only is it easy for you to allocate staff breaks, your team can start and end their breaks from our digital time clock so you know who’s on shift and who’s getting the downtime they need.

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Auto scheduling


Shift planning on the go

With our smart app, you can create and publish shift plans from any device, find cover staff with zero fuss and approve shift swaps, while employees can easily stay on top of their schedules.

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Take shift planning to the next level

Your complete shift planning toolkit for maximum efficiency and a better workday.

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Optimize costs

Create the best shift plan for your budget and never be over or under-staffed. Easily view wage costs, projected sales and predicted staff demand as you build your schedule.

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Right staff, right time

Whether you’re planning shifts or looking for cover staff, we can recommend team members with the right training or experience so you always have the perfect people for the job.

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Reduce fatigue & overtime

Avoid staff fatigue and unnecessary overtime by setting a limit on how many hours someone can work per day or week - and get a notification when they’re at risk of going over.

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Manage leave & availability

View leave requests and balances in one system, allow staff to mark recurring days or times they are not available and always know who’s open for shifts.

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Configure pay rates

Easily set up pay rates to match your local laws or workplace agreements, let our software handle the wage calculations and sync the data with your payroll software.

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Keep track of hours & breaks

With our time clock app, record accurate staff work hours for perfect payroll, see live attendance updates and make sure your team get the breaks they need.

Simple software, award-winning results

Link Deputy with your POS, payroll and HR apps

Connect our shift planning software with your existing systems to sync employee details, sales data and everything else you need to make scheduling simple and accurate.

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“We used to do the schedule on the back of a napkin and plan a week's rota on that, which took maybe about two days to plan a month. We use Deputy for planning where our traders should be and to basically schedule in our traders at different markets.”

Ollie Hunter, Head of Development