Leave request

What is a leave request? Find out more below

A leave request is the specific opportunity and formal process within a workplace for an employee to inquire about set PTO (paid time off) with management approval. Important personal commitments, such as health, family, and travel matters, are common to all employees and call for this process of negotiating a leave of absence.

An official process usually includes a formal written leave request/leave of absence by an employee to a supervisor/manager. A sufficiently detailed request is needed to explain to a superior the situation and to aid the company’s HR department in their own processes concerning employee policy, etc. The employee must provide detailed information about the situation involving the leave request and specify their expected leave and return dates. This request is best preceded by a quick formal discussion with their superiors in which the employee can reference back to within their request, as the request is usually approved or denied by their superiors. They usually also determine whether the leave period will be paid or unpaid for the employee.

Many digital workforce management solutions offer employees the option to send this request in a less formal matter directly to their superiors. These solutions allow for an easier and quicker process for both the employer and employee; time-consuming paperwork and long processes are replaced with quick, direct notifications and a centralized location for all data/details in order for it to be referenced back to if needed. A manager can be directly notified of a new leave request and is able to quickly approve or deny it via the platform, immediately notifying the employee of the decision.

Pertaining to more serious and/or long-term matters of employee leave, the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 requires employers to allow employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year for certain conditions including childbirth, adoption/foster care matters, immediate family member care, or personal medical care.