Aviation Industry’s scheduling issues & why Deputy is the perfect fix

by Heidi Birkin, 4 minutes read
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Research “failing airlines” and you’re met with a long list of airlines with bad practices in regards to their employee rotas that lead to delays, canceled flights, thousands of unhappy customers, and a steady stream of negative complaints on social media.

There are also services within the aviation industry like aircraft ground handling teams, catering businesses, etc. that deliver around the clock support and a rota error on their part can cause severe delays and numerous penalties.

Thankfully, Deputy has deep roots in the aviation industry, and is here to solve your employee rota woes.

Efficient scheduling guarantees your flight staff is right where they need to be

Deputy’s rota software is built from the ground up to offer an easy to use, simple interface that anyone can use.

It’s also built to manage multiple locations with ease. So if you’re managing staff for a flight in one location and staff for a flight in a different continent, Deputy’s able to give you full transparency into both teams so you’re on top of what’s going on. The platform is also set up to separate staff into different departments for easier organization.

Share rotas with ease & have them right in your team’s hands

It’s crucial your staff is able to access their employee rotas whenever they need to, wherever they need to. This is why Deputy allows users to publish and share rosters with ease.

All you have to do is create the rotas, press send, then your entire team receives it through email, text, or push notifications. You can also request confirmation from your employees so you’re sure the rota was received and seen by everyone.

If there’s ever a storm delaying flight time or something else halting operations, Deputy immediately notifies the entire team of what’s going on.

Automatically schedule all your staff with a single click.

How does creating employee rotas with a single click sound to you? You don’t have to spend hours a week on your rotas again with the auto-schedule feature. You now can create rotas with the perfect number of staff every time. You can also input specific rules and regulations so you can staff for peak hours.

Have proof for exact clock-in & clock-out times

The plane can’t take off until your entire staff is ready and on board, so it’s critical your employees are on time. Deputy’s mobile app makes it easy and convenient for your employees to clock in and out so you have clear transparency into when they showed up by giving them the option to clock-in right from their smartphones or even from their Apple Watch.

Roster employees by their skillset & qualifications

Want to ensure you’re rotas align with a specific set of skills and abilities? Deputy allows you to input each staff member’s abilities and qualifications so your team is always prepared.

Give employees more autonomy

Deputy’s smart leave management system allows employees to request time-off all on their own so you aren’t stuck doing everything yourself. You can also let them swap shifts without any outside interference.

Automatically calculates overtime

If something comes up and your staff has to work overtime, do you really want the trouble of inputting and calculating overtime yourself? Not only does Deputy’s rota software calculate overtime for you, but it does so in accordance with your local laws or your own specific workplace arrangements.

Make sure all tasks are completed

Need to remind your staff to practice their pre-flight safety check before takeoff?

Deputy’s tasking feature makes it easy to list tasks your staff needs to complete so you’re ensured everything’s smooth for landing.

Deputy is perfectly suited for Airliners

Deputy started when our Founder & CEO, Ashik, created a platform to automate staff rotas as well as time & attendance management to assist our Co-founder & Chairman, Steve, run his aviation company.

This platform evolved to become Deputy, G2 Crowd’s Highest Rated Workforce Management platform and the solution for every business owner wanting to save time on administrative tasks like building employee rotas and managing time & attendance. Click on the link below to see the platform in action today!