Deputy Android 3.1 – Our Christmas Present To You

Ali Kazi

Ali Kazi

Android Developer

December 23, 2016

Deputy Android 3.1 – Our Christmas Present To You

Ali Kazi, Android Developer
December 23, 2016

Hi! My name is Ali Kazi. I am a member of the Team Android at Deputy since August 2015.

I’m excited to be your Santa this year and bring you a new update for our Android app.

“So what’s included in this update, Santa?”, you ask. It’s a sack full of presents:

  • Managers can now Add and Approve timesheets
  • Employees can choose from a range of new options for Leave requests
  • View your staff’s emergency contact details
  • Share your upcoming shift details with your loved ones with a new Share widget & of course bug fixes and improvements!

Download it right now from Google Play!


At the beginning of 2016, our Android team was given one mission: breathe new life into the Android app. Since then, we have been hard at work implementing all the big features like the Schedule tab and Shift swap while also tinkering away at the smallest of details like proper spacing and font sizes. Everything should feel right. Everything should be intuitive and easy to understand. From everything that you can see like Notifications, the user interface, Animations, Material design principles, to everything you can’t see like network services, the database, maintainable code –  we left no stone unturned! We push through stringent testing standards at Deputy, thanks to our QA team, that helps us take the app to the next level. The end result? A user experience that feels like you’re driving a luxury car.


They say “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. We have been listening to your feedback throughout the year and we have at times re-written our code from scratch to incorporate features that you have been asking for. And, we’re not done yet!

More features, better user interface and an overall great mobile experience. We won’t stop; 2017 is lined up with amazing new features. Don’t forget you can reach us any time through the Android app’s built in “Help & Support” option.

We hope you enjoy the new update. If you like the update, please leave a review on the play store. It lifts our spirits to know you are happy. I want to thank everyone who worked on this update – my colleagues, the QA team, the design team, customer support and the engineering team. This is a sweet victory of team work.

On behalf of the the team at Deputy, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Fantastic New Year!
Download the new update from Google Play!


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Ali Kazi
Ali is a member of the Deputy Android team. His mission is to make the Deputy Android App a truly awesome experience. He also has a passion for game development and Google material design.

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