Deputy’s New Look: Shifting Our Brand Forward

by Ashik Ahmed, 3 minutes read
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Today, I’m excited to share something we at Deputy have worked on for the past year: A brand refresh.

My co-founder, Steve Shelley, and I founded Deputy in 2008 to simplify shift work to help make every other entrepreneur successful. We decided to call the product “Deputy” with the idea that it could be a second-in-charge to the business owner.

Fast forward a decade.

We realised we’re not only the second-in-charge to the business owner — we’re also the second-in-charge to the millions of shift workers around the world. We make their life simpler by removing clutter and mundane. We let them thrive. And the biggest difference we make to business owners’ lives is that we improve the lives of their team.

That’s why we refreshed our mission, our vision, and our brand. The spark of Deputy has been in front of us all along. We just needed to show it.

Deputy’s mission: Simplify shift work

I recently found my employee handbook from my first hourly paid job. Reading it, I couldn’t be more validated that simplifying shift work is so important. It’s not just about scheduling and timesheets.

This felt even more apparent in the midst of a pandemic when nothing was certain, business plans were changing daily, and employees were required to be more flexible than ever before at work and in their home lives.

Workplaces are complex. That’s why our mission is simple: Simplify shift work.

Deputy’s vision: Thriving workplaces in every community.

Our vision is what we are striving to achieve long-term as we work together simplifying shift work for every business owner, manager, and shift worker.

We have seen time and time again how Deputy contributes to enhancing the culture, vibe, and operational efficiency of an organisation, transforming it into a thriving workplace. So far we have been able to positively impact 250,000 workplaces globally. As a company, our goal is to make that 1 million by 2023 and continue until we have helped as many businesses and shift workers as we can.

I'm not sure if we will ever be able to realise that vision in my lifetime, but I believe that it's a positive legacy for us all to work towards creating: Thriving workplaces in every community.

The values we stand by

We created our values as the framework for how we live at Deputy. How we support our customers, how we make decisions, how we behave, and how we hire.

The values guided us through our rebrand, and they’ll continue to guide us in the future.

  • Clock in for the customer. The customer matters. It’s why we are passionate about showing up, with intention, to deliver value every day.

  • Listen to learn. We seek diverse ideas, perspectives, and experiences because no one person has all the answers. It’s how we create meaningful outcomes.

  • Stronger together. Our community succeeds with mutual respect and collaboration. We all have a key part to play in building the Deputy legacy.

  • Lead with integrity. We assume good intent, stand up for what’s right, and help our teammates to do the same.

  • Own your shift. We take the lead and deliver what matters. We own our results, celebrate the wins, and are constantly improving.

A meaningful, people-first brand

With the foundations of our mission and values, we refreshed our brand. It’s the biggest spark I’ve felt in the 12 years of Deputy.

This was the most collaborative project I’ve ever embarked on in my working life. We worked with our customers, our partners, and our teams around the world to get where we are.

I welcome you to read this blog post by Lisi Schappi, Director of Design, about our branding journey.

We originally founded Deputy to just support business owners. But our purpose — and our new brand design — is far more inclusive. Welcome to the new era of Deputy.