7 Digital Health Resources for Businesses and Their Employees

Katie Sawyer

Katie Sawyer

March 20, 2020

7 Digital Health Resources for Businesses and Their Employees

Katie Sawyer,
March 20, 2020

Businesses are seeing a rise in employees working remotely. 


Recent circumstances like COVID-19 have put more stress on business leaders and their teams. And while no one thing can take away that stress, there are a few things that help.

Luckily, we live in a digital world where you can have a health guru that lives right in your pocket.

Read on for seven digital health resources to keep you and your team healthy — anywhere, anytime. 

1. Headspace

Whether you’re an owner, a manager, or an individual contributor, you’ve got your fair share of stress. Headspace was designed to help with that. It’s a meditation app that helps you take time out of your day to sit back, relax, and OMM. 

If you’re new to meditation, Headspace can help you get started with some basic courses. Once you get past the basics, they have hundreds of different meditations to help with things like stress, sleep, focusing, and anxiety. 

Headspace is also offering free support during the current global COVID-19 crisis.

2. HealthyOUT

HealthyOUT is an app that can help you easily find and order healthy restaurant dishes across the country. 

Just enter your zip code and dietary desires (gluten-free, low cal) and a list of local restaurants and menu items that meet your search will appear. Whether you’re ordering delivery or food for takeout, you can make healthy eating choices.

3. BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an app that will match you with an online counselor. Just answer a few questions to find a therapist that fits your needs and preferences. 

You can connect with your counselor through digital messaging, online chat, phone, or video conferencing. That means you can communicate in the way you feel most comfortable. 

Not sure when you’ll need to talk? Schedule sessions when you need them and cancel at any time. 

4. AllTrails

Whether you’re social distancing or just need to get outside, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is get outside and catch some fresh air. 

With the AllTrails app, you can find trails for your runs or hikes, and filter by length, rating, and difficulty level. You can also search by dog or kid-friendly trails, making it great for the whole family.

It allows you to browse different trail maps, reviews, photos, and activity recordings then save your favorites to revisit later. 

5. Shine

Shine’s app helps you learn self-care strategies to help you get through everyday struggles. 

Get inspiration through motivational messages and episodes of the Daily Shine — a podcast-meets-meditation — to help you feel more in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

Want more support? There is also a Daily Shine community where you can connect with other members and get support. 

6. HabitMinder

When your routine is interrupted, sometimes you need reminders for the little things, like taking a 15-minute break or drinking more water. 

HabitMinder lets you select what habits you want to work on. From healthy habits to appreciation habits to mental habits, this app has you covered. And if you have more specific habits you’re looking to implement, you can create your own customized ones too. 


MINDBODY is your source for fitness, wellness, and beauty. The MINDBODY app will help you find things like fitness memberships, workout classes, wellness services, beauty appointments, and more. This is great for finding local businesses nearby and booking online to take the time and hassle out this process. 

Keeping you and your team happy

There are tons of resources available to help you stay healthy and happy, so go explore and let us know what you find. 

One app that will help your team stay happy is Deputy. Try Deputy for free to see how flexible scheduling can help your business schedule up or schedule down depending on demand.

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