Important Retail Work Trends You Should Know In 2022

by Sarah Niderost, 1 minute read
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Stores are short-staffed, health and safety protocols constantly change, and employees are having a hard time with their work-life balances. All of this can contribute to employee burnout.

So how can managers effectively support and retain their staff through these challenges?

It all starts with listening to your team, understanding their challenges at work, and learning what motivates them.

To discover what retail workers really care about right now, Deputy conducted a survey of more than 3,000 hourly workers from all over the globe. Here’s just a snapshot of what they had to say.

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Your staff works hard to deliver quality customer service while making sure they spotlight your inventory. But working in retail is a real challenge right now. To retain your staff — and keep them motivated — you need to get a pulse check of how they feel, address their challenges, and ensure that your workplace is a positive environment for them.

To learn what else shift workers are saying right now, and uncover more strategies to create a thriving workplace for your team, download The 2022 State of Shift Work Report.