Location Enhancements. You asked for them, we listened!

Ashik Ahmed

Ashik Ahmed

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder

March 03, 2016

Location Enhancements. You asked for them, we listened!

Ashik Ahmed, CEO, CTO & Co-Founder
March 03, 2016

A number of Deputy customers have given us excellent feature suggestions on Location Settings. I am very pleased to say that we have just released some cool enhancements based on this feedback.

Before I explain the enhancements, let me remind you that any customer can submit a feature suggestion (just go to Help>Feature Suggestions). I encourage you to do so, and I sincerely appreciate all suggestions. They help us make Deputy the best it can be for your business.

So. What’s new?

You can now archive or duplicate a location. You’ll find these options in location settings.

Archiving a location means it won’t clutter up your Schedule, but you can reinstate it, with associated employees and settings, at any time (unlike deleting a location, which permanently removes it).

You can also duplicate a location, and choose to copy across associated employees, location settings, and payroll connections.




We have made some changes to the way you can view locations. As well as the List and Map Views you are used to, we have added Swimlane View. This shows you what’s going on across all your locations – whether there are late employees, pending open shifts, pending timesheets, and more.




Not only can see exactly what’s going on at a glance, you can take action! You can quickly message those who are working, or running late, or on break, at a particular location.




Lastly, we have made it easy to view and schedule specific, common areas across all locations. on the Schedule screen, scroll to the bottom of the Locations dropdown menu, and you’ll find filters for all areas that exist in more than one location.




I hope you enjoy these enhancements. I know that at least 100 Deputy customers will.

We’re listening. Keep the feedback coming!


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Ashik Ahmed
Ashik is the Co-Founder and CEO/CTO at Deputy. He spends most of his time thinking crazy things about Deputy and how it will change the world.

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