New Deputy Advocate Program

by Deputy Team, 2 minutes read
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We are excited to announce the launch of the new Deputy Advocate Program. This initiative rewards individuals and businesses for their collaboration with Deputy to empower shift employees and employers. 

Partnerships are very important at Deputy, and we want to deliver value to our partners and their customers through competitive revenue commission rates, product discounts to customers, and access to product enablement resources. The new program empowers our partners and partner community to unlock new opportunities together. 

What’s new?

New, consolidated platform

The new Advocate Program is hosted on Partnerstack, a partnerships platform and ecosystem for B2B companies. The tool makes it much easier for our partners to submit leads, track lead progress, get access to resources, and get rewarded. 

With access to product and program enablement resources, partners can better support their customers and identify the right opportunities for each individual customer’s needs. 

New incentives for partners and customers

The program has a three-tier structure with increasing incentives for partners and customers based on the total number of converted referrals (Advocate, Ambassador, and Champion Tiers). Partners in higher tiers have the option to choose their preferred incentive structure and participate in competitive revenue share commission rates for any converted referral. 

Partners in the new program will also have the opportunity to pass along financial incentives directly to any new customer through Deputy product discounts.

Who is the program for?

The Advocate Program is for individuals and businesses that have customers who need support with scheduling, timekeeping, labor law compliance support, and other key aspects of employee management. This may include HR consultants, staffing agencies, hiring platforms, and other businesses.

If your clients need smarter, cost-efficient scheduling, reliable labor compliance support, and more accurate time tracking, see our full list of Deputy products to learn if our solutions can help.

Join here

To learn more about the program and see if your business is the right fit, you can find more information here. The new program just launched in the Americas, but we will be scaling the program to our APAC and EMEA partners soon in the next few months. 

We’d love to hear from potential partners on how we can collaborate. If you’re ready to submit your first referral, sign up here! 

Alternatively, if you and your business are looking for a technology partnership or a way to seamlessly connect Deputy with other platforms, a Deputy Integration might be what you are looking for instead. Here is where you can find more information on becoming a Deputy Integration Partner.