How to Simplify Your Workforce Management

by Katie Sawyer, 2 minutes read
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When you’re managing a team, you need to ensure you have the right person staffed at the right time. Matching someone’s skills to a particular shift, or even a specific day, can have a major impact on customer experience.

But without the right systems in place, you’re often creating more work for yourself. Learn how to protect your bottom line and elevate your brand with advanced workforce management techniques — and save time in the process.

Streamline you shifts

In the past, scheduling was a puzzle. Managers used pen and paper to create a draft schedule, which then had to be revised for every requested time off, availability, and needed skills. Unless you invested hours in working and reworking the schedule, you would end up with gaps in your schedule.

How often have you settled for a schedule that’s “good enough?”

New workforce management software lets you generate schedules with a click of a button. And instead of wasting hours fine-tuning that schedule, you can automate scheduling by applying filters that help you staff your team based on:

  • Specialized skills
  • Shift preferences
  • Availability
  • Work hour regulations
  • Time-off requests
  • Staff conflicts

Empower employees to cover their own shifts

Setting the schedule is just the first step in workforce management. The real headaches begin once workers start to have problems. They’re sick. Their babysitter canceled and have to miss their shift. They need to attend a funeral.

You dread getting those phone calls. Instead of reviewing your budget or preparing for a meeting, you’re stuck spending hours trying to fill that last minute shift.

Save yourself time (and a lot of headaches) by choosing a workforce management software that lets staff find their own replacement.

Assess — and fill — skills gaps

The hospitality industry has a 30% turnover. It’s not a surprise when you consider how many individuals are working in a restaurant or hotel because it was the only job available. As soon as a more lucrative or impressive career comes along, you can lose a key worker.

And when you need staff with a certain set of skills, losing high performers can be a big hit to your bottom line.

Advanced software can let you create employee profiles that highlight those skills. Easily search for a replacement based on those skills and fill your open shifts.

Designing the best work schedules

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