5 Strategies for Growth that Practice Managers Shouldn't Ignore

by Katie Sawyer, 4 minutes read
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Your private practice could be booming. As patients got discouraged from visiting hospitals throughout the pandemic, they turned to more personalized care. They used technology to stay connected with care providers and prioritized their own health and safety.

And to continue to grow your business in 2021, you’ll need to adapt to shifting patient behavior and increased competition in the private care space. You’ll need to increase your marketing efforts, motivate your staff, and adopt modern tools to stay connected with your clients.

So if you manage a medical clinic, read on to learn five strategies for growth that practice managers can’t ignore.

Make it easy for patients to get in touch

Scheduling appointments used to be a pain. Patients had to funnel into one phone number, be placed on hold, and try again if they couldn’t get through. Today, clinics are providing online and mobile scheduling so that patients can serve themselves.

Whether they need to make an appointment, ask questions, or request more information, patients should be able to get in touch with you easily. You don’t want to lose out on potential new clients just because they couldn’t get through. Make your practice as accessible as possible to an audience that is used to finding what they need with a click.

  • Diversify your channels for appointment bookings. Patients hate waiting on the phone, not knowing when they’ll be able to talk to a medical professional. Instead, let patients schedule online, through social media, or with text.

  • Keep your info up-to-date. Make sure that your hours, numbers, and website are accurate across Google, Yelp, and other places people will be looking you up.

  • Always follow up. Prioritize getting back to patients as soon as you can. They’ll appreciate the reassurance during challenging times.

Amplify your message

Make your practice stand out. Why is your practice such a trusted favorite after all these years? Have you won awards, been nominated for quality patient care, or been recognized for your new safety precautions?

Think of how you solve peoples’ problems and find the best way to make that message loud and clear.

  • Start a company blog. A blog establishes credibility in your field and makes you look like an expert. It’s a great way to give patients advice and a more intimate view of your practice.

  • Make a team video. Don’t be shy about your advertising. Try making a video that gives potential patients a closer look at your team and expertise. Videos are highly engaging and show more personality.

  • Host a virtual Q&A. Patients have adapted to virtual events and meetings. Create a virtual opportunity for prospective clients to meet your care providers and ask questions.

Partner with local businesses

The pandemic saw local businesses join forces to inspiring effect. Restaurants, bars, and retail stores made space for outdoor activities and cross-promotion.

But medical offices shouldn’t miss out on those partnerships.

As a clinic, you can partner with nearby businesses and run promotions just as easily.

  • Trade advertising with your neighbors. Are you located near local restaurants? Keep some of their menus by your waiting area in exchange for a flier in theirs.

  • Run promotional offers. Partner with a local store and offer up free consultations to their valued patients. People love discovering rewards for their loyalty.

  • Attend networking events. Find virtual or live events with other practice managers, or even host your own. Meetups are a great way to share tips, learn, and build lasting connections.

Empower your staff

Your business can only grow with motivated and productive team members. Receptionists, technicians, and care providers all make the real magic happen. Make sure they have the tools and processes to perform their jobs well.

  • Offer flexibility. Make sure that your staff can easily manage their schedules and take time off when needed. With a modern staff scheduling tool, they’ll be able to find coverage on the fly.

  • Create room for growth. Your team will be more motivated if their careers can grow. Allow them to develop new skills and explore their interests on the job. Support them as they wish to explore new avenues in the practice.

  • Show appreciation. Celebrate your team when they succeed. They’ll be more inspired to help your business succeed when they feel valued.

Collect feedback, and put it into action

The best business owners actively listen to the people who support them. From your own team to your clients and community, you should always be gathering insights to grow your practice.

Take every opportunity to receive feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, and stay connected to those who will determine your success.

  • Survey your patients. Send an email follow-up or have staff ask in person. Was their pet treated well? Is the waiting area comfortable? Was everyone on time?

  • Listen to your team. They know your patients best and can suggest process improvements. Implement their ideas and they’ll feel more valued on the team

  • Share testimonials. Reviews and referrals are a classic tool for giving you credibility. Consumers trust businesses with stronger reviews and owners who are transparent about their ratings. Kindly respond to reviews when you can.

On the road to recovery

Your practice can expect to grow if you consistently engage your patients and build trust and loyalty that keeps them coming back. In an increasingly mobile world, keep your practice accessible and friendly to a faster pace. Access to healthcare should be seamless.

For more ideas about how to attract new and returning business, download The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Practice.

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