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Say goodbye to traditional timesheets and welcome Deputy’s new Custom Timesheets!

As your Deputy, we focus on helping you schedule your staff and track their time and attendance. However, most of the time that doesn’t always give you the full picture of everything that happened on the day. On top of that, managers kept requesting a way to collect more information on what their staff did at work rather than just what time they started the job.

So, we asked ourselves – how can we solve this for our customers to make their lives easier and empower them to get the most out of employees’ timesheets? That’s how we came up with Custom Timesheet Fields. The power is in your hands – you customise timesheets for your business. Say goodbye to traditional timesheets and welcome Deputy’s new Custom Timesheets!

We’re excited to show you how you can use custom timesheet fields to collect important information from your staff, maintain compliance of your business and check progress of ongoing jobs/tasks.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Collect Important Information

While running a business it can get difficult to gather the information you need from your staff, to stay on top of things. Also, when there are different systems that employees have to use to communicate important information to you, it can get especially hard for them too. Then, things just get lost in the horizon.

Here’s how you can quickly collect important information, directly from your staff:

    • Tips – Cafe and restaurant owners can now have their staff report their earned tips from the day. Rather than using the ‘Notes’ field at the end of their shift, staff will have a dedicated field just to enter tips so you can see all your staff’s tip earnings in one place

Deputy Kiosk helps your business run itself straight from an iPad.TIPS Kiosk

Collecting tips

    • Mileage/Drive time/Fuel costs – Staff can easily report their mileage/fuel costs while on the job so you can keep track of their costs and quickly reimburse them. You can ask for a photo of the odometer for start of journey, end of journey and a photo of fuel/gas receipt. They can do this while they’re on shift, rather than at the end with the new ‘Update’ shift button!

Mileage – How far did your drive?

    • Employee Engagement – While employees work so hard, sometimes we forget to ask simple questions like how are you or how was your day. Research has proven that a highly engaged workforce correlates with high business performance. A simple how was your day can go a long way. Start the conversation today!

Employee engagement – How was your day?

Maintain Compliance

In today’s business world, owners are at risk to many penalties or lawsuits pertaining to their employees. As partners to your business, let Deputy help you stay out of trouble and maintain compliance with attestations from your staff.

Recently, we published a few checkpoints to help your business avoid lawsuits. Adding to that, here’s a guide on how you can get started with attestations:

  • Injury Free Shift – Workers compensation claims are increasing by the day and many businesses have trouble understanding when and where an employee sustained an injury. Ask your staff at the end of every shift, whether they had an injury free shift that day so you can be informed and act instantly if they attest ‘No’. Make the comment mandatory so they can provide further details to help you investigate their injury
  • Paid Rest Break – While recording unpaid/paid breaks has always been possible with Deputy, your staff can now attest whether they’ve had their entitled rest break, while on shift. This ensures your staff are being treated fairly and helps you stay out of trouble, should you be audited for providing staff necessary breaks
  • Shift Notifications – With the trend of casualisation of the workforce, it’s required by certain labour laws to provide your staff their scheduled shifts, within a sufficient amount of time. Ask your staff whether they were informed of their shifts, in an appropriate amount of time

Compliance – Attestations

Check the Pulse

Keeping projects on track and delivering them on time will ensure your customers are satisfied. Whether you run a field services business with jobs/projects or not, it’s important to know how the job is progressing and whether you need to allocate more resources to complete the job on time.

Let us show you how Deputy will make tracking jobs and projects easier for you:

  • Job Allocation & Costing – Using job codes, staff can enter how many hours they’ve allocated to each job for the day, making it easier for you to accurately invoice your clients
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – To ensure your business is running smoothly, certain operating procedures need to be followed. Make operating procedures paperless and keep employees accountable by allowing them to certify that they’ve completed the necessary tasks for the day

Job allocation – How many hours did you work on this?

Closing - android wrap
Standard Operating Procedures – Closing checklist

Approving Timesheets & Reporting

We’ve also updated the Approve Timesheets page to support the newly added custom fields. All custom field data will be viewable not only while you approve timesheets, but also after you’ve approved so you can quickly identify particular timesheets.

All custom timesheet fields data will be exportable using our ‘CSV – All Fields’ export method and our Report Builder also supports custom fields!

Yep, there’s a lot to get excited about..

I’m excited! But, how do I get started?

To get started, you’ll need to navigate to your Global Settings -> Misc tab -> Timesheet Custom Fields. We support multiple types of fields so you can create fields for text, number, and yes/no inputs as well as checklists, uploading files and capturing photos.

To learn more about how to create custom fields and apply them to certains parts of your business, you can refer to our Timesheets help guide here.

Reach out to me if you need a hand setting up Custom Timesheet Fields. I’d love to teach you how you can get the most out of Custom Timesheet Fields for your business. Book a meeting now.

Clocking off

I hope you’re excited for Custom Timesheet fields just as much as we are. We’re only scratching the surface with our examples, but we‘d love to hear how you’re using this feature. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.