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standwalk Deputy customer story Deputy: Saving £40,000 Per Year and Boosting Morale at Standwalk

Standwalk: Saving £40,000 Per Year and Boosting Morale with Deputy

250+ employees

At a glance

  • £30,000 to £40,000 annual savings thanks to streamlined time tracking and payroll
  • 10+ hours saved per month on payroll processing
  • Implementation was 50% faster than the competition

The Story

In the ever-evolving caregiving landscape, Standwalk, a Manchester-based care provider with 19 services and 300 staff users across the city, faced the common challenge of finding a reliable and efficient workforce management solution. 

Phil Gould, Standwalk's COO, has witnessed the evolution of care services and regulations over his 14 years with the company. Throughout this time, he has strongly advocated for technology, recognising its potential to improve efficiency and care outcomes. 

After trying several legacy industry time and attendance (T&A) systems Standwalk discovered Deputy, a workforce management solution that, while not specifically tailored to the care industry, proved to be a perfect fit for their needs. 

Two years later, Deputy has not only streamlined Standwalk’s operations and saved them thousands, but also fostered a positive cultural shift within the organisation.

Like many care organisations, we were on a quest for the 'holy grail' of workforce management solutions. We were searching for a system that could complement our existing processes rather than completely overhaul them

Standwalk Care saves £40K annually

The Challenge

Before Deputy, Standwalk struggled with T&A systems that were: 

  • Overly Complex: Cumbersome interfaces and processes led to inefficiencies and errors. 

  • Inflexible: Many systems couldn’t accommodate the unique shift patterns common in care work.

  • Poor Support: Getting timely customer service and issue resolution was often difficult.

  • Expensive: High onboarding costs and ongoing fees made many solutions inaccessible. 

Deputy’s straightforward approach and affordability were a breath of fresh air. Phil was immediately drawn to Deputy’s user-friendly interface and transparent pricing model — unlike other T&A systems that overcomplicate features and surprise customers with hidden fees. 

“Deputy was different. It provided a flexible framework that integrated seamlessly into our operations. The experience was outstanding. It felt like we had a partner rather than just a service provider,” says Phil. 

The platform’s intuitive design and transparent pricing was a breath of fresh air compared to the “smoke and mirrors” of other providers. 

“I’ve used lots of software over the years…Nothing does what it should like Deputy does,” Phil remarks, emphasising Deputy’s intuitive design and functionality.

Phil also appreciated the opportunity to test Deputy in a sandbox environment, experiencing firsthand how it could address Standwalk’s specific needs.

Scheduling was a nightmare before Deputy. We had multiple spreadsheets and manual processes, often leading to errors and miscommunications. Deputy streamlined this entirely

standwalk customer story

The Solution

During testing, one of Deputy's standout features was its seamless integration and ease of use. Phil had Deputy set up and ready to go across all their locations in less than 15 hours —a stark contrast to previous systems that required extensive onboarding and training, often taking upwards of 20-30 hours. 

Huge Cost Savings with Streamlined Payroll: 

Deputy’s user-friendly time tracking has increased timesheet accuracy, reduced payroll errors and saved a minimum of 10 hours per month on payroll alone. 

By streamlining payroll, Deputy has eliminated the need for a dedicated wages department, saving Standwalk an estimated £30,000 - £40,000 annually.

Enhanced Communication and Staff Morale 

Deputy’s impact has extended beyond operational efficiency. The platform’s newsfeed feature fostered a sense of community and improved communication among staff and management. Employees began using the newsfeed to check in on each other, offer support, and share birthday wishes, leading to increased recognition and morale.

“Deputy kind of just doesn’t intimidate,” Phil explains. “It started the digital cultural change within services, which is what we needed for people to trust software and engage with it because it was that simple.”

Support worker Susan Rimmer shares, "I enjoy using Deputy as it helps me organise and plan my work life. It's great how it advertises all the shifts that need cover. I love checking my shifts on my phone whenever I need to, and I can see my rota for weeks in the future. The newsfeed is brilliant and provides all the relevant updates I need for my service and reminders about team meetings."

Stronger Compliance 

Compliance with visa stipulations for sponsored employees was a major concern for Standwalk. Deputy’s stress profile feature allows them to easily track and manage employee hours, ensuring they remain compliant with Home Office regulations. 

This saves time and reduces the risk of errors and potentially saves the company thousands of pounds in fines. 

Standwalk places a high priority on both CQC regulatory and contractual compliance. Phil explains that Deputy’s digital communication skills have been instrumental in this regard:

“Deputy has really streamlined our compliance and auditing processes. Standwalk uses the newsfeed feature to share critical updates like changes to risk assessments, support plans, or medication protocols,” says Phil. 

“Employees can confirm they’ve read these updates with a single click, and our managers can easily track who has and hasn’t reviewed the information. This eliminates the need to sift through paper communication, saving time and ensuring everyone is informed.” 

Financial Well-being and Employee Retention 

Deputy’s integration with WageStream, a wage advance platform, further enhances employee satisfaction and financial well-being. Staff can now access their earned wages on demand, eliminating the need for loans and reducing financial distress. 

This, in turn, has had a positive impact on employee retention. “It’s certainly made retention possible because staff are working in tough times and need access to their money,” Phil notes. 

Looking Ahead

Standwalk’s success with Deputy is a testament to the platform’s standout user experience and adaptability across different industries. 

As Phil aptly puts it, “Deputy is inexcusably simple…It’s the best software we’ve ever used.” This unwavering commitment to simplicity and functionality is what sets Deputy apart and makes it a game-changer for businesses like Standwalk.

“There was no smoke and mirrors with Deputy. It is what it is. And I think that’s the beautiful part about Deputy. It’s simple. It really, really is simple.” 

Deputy is inexcusably simple…It’s the best software we’ve ever used

Standwalk Care saves £40K annually
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