How Consumers are Creating Seismic Shifts in the Shift Work Industry

2,000 consumers share how they're making a movement

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How Consumers Are Creating Seismic Shifts in the Shift Work Industry

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Shift workers have always played a fundamental role in keeping our livelihoods afloat. Now as the global pandemic reveals just how essential our retail, restaurant, and healthcare industries are to providing critical services, consumers have noticed that these workers deserve recognition and protection.

We surveyed 2,000 American consumers across the country to understand how they really feel.

Consumers appreciate hourly workers more than ever before. When people are stuck at home all day, their interactions with grocery clerks or restaurant servers become more meaningful. If your employees received positive feedback, let them know!

Everyone is talking about hazard pay. While many people retreated to the safety of working from home, shift workers remain exposed to the pandemic in their critical job roles. Employment legislation and public sentiment to provide hazard pay is gaining momentum. How can you support your team?

Join the growing movement to ensure that shift workers can sustain their careers before burning out. Unlock exclusive consumer insights around the shift economy, service behaviors, and hazard pay to learn how you can leverage a powerful indicator of your success in the coming year.

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