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Scheduling Only

For when you need a better way to schedule & communicate with your team

per user / per month (local taxes may apply)
*no annual pricing available on Scheduling Only plan

Get started with:

  • Create great schedules in minutes, then publish to your team via web, mobile, or app
  • Or let our Auto-Scheduling feature build optimized schedules for you in just one click
  • Communicate with your team using workplace Newsfeeds and Task delegation
  • Easily manage staff availability and leave, and integrate unavailability into your scheduling
  • Quickly find replacement staff for sick-leave or dropped shifts
  • Unlimited 24/7 support
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For those who schedule, track attendance and export to payroll

per user / per month (local taxes may apply)

Everything in Scheduling Only, plus:

  • Export timesheets to your payroll platform with a single click
  • Track Time & Attendance with location capture and biometric facial recognition
  • Integrate your POS for real time clarity on your staff costs and revenue
  • 50-state compliance rules: Overtime, Meal/Break, Attestation, Tips and more
  • Automatic scheduling drafts your best schedule for you
  • Configurable Reporting and Analytics
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Customizable solutions for complex or large businesses

custom pricing for Enterprise clients

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Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Custom built Award Interpretation to fit your existing business
  • Dedicated Enterprise support team
  • Customizable roles, permissions and organizational structure
  • Customizable reporting and integration with legacy systems
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All prices are in $USD

Lots of staff but only a few working any particular week?

Try our Flexible Weekly Plan

The Flexible Weekly Plan is designed for businesses that run large, short-term events like conferences, catered functions, festivals, etc. Flexible Weekly comes with the same features as the Premium Plan but you only pay for active users.

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Charitable Group, Community Organization or Not For Profit?

Deputy is dedicated to making sure that people who are working to make a difference can do so without losing time, money or resources to admin.

We offer special pricing options to Charities, Not For Profits and Community organizations that meet our criteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do admin users/managers get charged?

All users/administrators/supervisors are considered users and will be counted in your total user number.

What does ‘Active User’ mean?

On our 'Flexi' plan, you are only charged for 'Active Users'. A user is active when:

  • A shift has been published for the user.
  • A timesheet has been submitted by the user.
  • The user has performed management functions such as scheduling, managing timesheets, exporting payroll information, managing tasks, creating journal entries or reviewing reports.
  • How about SMS charges?

    SMS charges only apply if the message is sent via the Deputy platforms (Web app/iPad/mobile apps). An example of this would be, publishing schedules using SMS. There is no charge for receiving SMS messages, however employees are responsible for normal carrier fees when responding to SMS from Deputy.

    How will I be billed?

    We will always respect a free trial period, so if you upgrade 14 days before your trial expires, you won't start paying for 14 days.

    Monthly Billing:

    On a monthly plan your Tax Invoice/Statement will usually be generated on the last day of every month.
    Deputy tries to be as fair as possible, so we pro-rata any charges for any employees added to or removed from the account. So:

  • if you upgrade on the 15th, you'll only be charged for half a month.
  • if you add an employee 5 days before the end of the month, you'll only get charged for those 5 days.
  • If you discard an employee after 10 days of a month, you will only be charged for 10 days usage.

  • Annual Billing:

    On an annual plan, you will be charged immediately up-front for the year on the day you upgrade. Any additional fees incurred (e.g. additional users, SMS) will be charged at the end of the month (at the monthly rate of your chosen plan.) There is always the option of pre-paying for additional users at any time, so that you only pay the pro-rata annual rate for the rest of your contract.

    What if I need to change my plan suddenly, will I incur fees?

    If you are on a Monthly plan then you can elect to change your plan at any time in either direction without penalty. Simply choose the plan you wish to be on and click confirm. The plan change will take effect immediately. We will bill you on the new plan in the next billing run. And you will see this change reflected in your next Tax Invoice/Statement. Like most services, we are subject to jurisdictional taxes, so depending on location these will be applied to monthly usage costs.

    If you are on an Annual plan then you can add additional users, however you cannot cancel your plan before your 12 months expires, change the plan you are on, or lower then amount of employees in your account.

    What about when employees leave?

    You will not be charged for any employees that leave your business. Former employees cannot be scheduled or have any interaction in Deputy. However, their history is retained, and you can re-instate them at any time.

    Which countries do you service?

    While Deputy is based in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, we have customers worldwide.

    How is my currency of billing determined?

    The currency is determined by the business account's country selected during signup. Customers located in Australia will be billed in Australian Dollars, customers in the United Kingdom will be billed in British Pounds and those in the United States and remaining countries will be billed in US Dollars.

    What if I accidently add an employee?

    Don’t worry. It happens. We know. If you add an employee and terminate them without any activity within 7 days, or by the end of the month, whichever comes first, you will not be billed for that employee.

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