Get Your Employee Schedule in Order with This Free Template

by Deputy Team, 1 minute read
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Are you struggling to keep your employee schedule in order? If so, you're not alone. Many businesses find it difficult to create an effective schedule that allows their employees to get the work done they need to. That's where Deputy comes in. We offer a free employee schedule template that can help make the process easier for you. With this template, you can create a schedule that is both effective and efficient.

Creating an employee schedule that is both effective and efficient can be difficult. However, by using a template, you can make the process much easier. The free template offered by Deputy lets you create a schedule quickly and easily, without having to worry about sacrificing quality.

What should I include in my weekly schedule template?

Your weekly schedule template is a great way to keep track of all the things you need to do during each day in your life. When it comes to creating an effective employee schedule, there are several elements that should be included:

Working hours - The working hours of your employees vary depending on their job and department. If possible, make sure that the employees in the same department have the same working hours. This will help to avoid confusion and minimize scheduling conflicts.

Time off - different employees want different time off. Try to accommodate as many requests as possible, but make sure that you have a minimum number of staff working each day.

Breaks - Employees need time to eat and rest. Make sure that you schedule break times into the employee schedule, and that these break times are long enough for employees to eat and relax.

How Can I get started with this free template?

To get started with our free employee schedule template, simply download it to your computer and open it in Microsoft Excel. You can then begin creating your schedule by entering the working hours of your employees. Be sure to include breaks and lunch periods as well. Once you have created your schedule, you can print it out and distribute it to your employees.

To get started with this Free Excel Template, click here. If you're wanting a much easier and online scheduling system, use Deputy! Start your free trial today.