Introducing Custom Branding

Nahid Haque

Nahid Haque

Product Evangelist

February 22, 2017

Introducing Custom Branding

Nahid Haque, Product Evangelist
February 22, 2017

Made by Deputy, Personalised by You

As a business owner, you know your staff are the biggest asset of your business – they keep the clock ticking, especially when you’re not around. For this reason it’s paramount to make all of your staff feel welcome – especially your new staff – and get a sense of your company’s culture and brand; there’s no denying it, you want your workplace to feel like home. What you don’t want is your staff to be overwhelmed by all the different new systems they have to learn.

At Deputy we believe personalising an employee’s experience and making them feel welcome, is the key to an engaged workforce.

As your second in charge, we’re here to help your staff ease into your business.

That’s why from today you can personalise you and your staff’s Deputy experience.

Messina branding

How can I do that?

Upload your company logo and select a colour theme that is truly consistent with your brand. You can do this by accessing ‘Global Settings’ then the new ‘Branding’ tab.

Here’s a snapshot of our friends at Gelato Messina personalising their Deputy experience.

Specifically, the theme colour will apply to the top header in the web product, along with your company logo. Your company logo will also go out in the email header when you publish shifts.

It doesn’t just stop there, though. From your business settings you can also customise your Business name and Deputy URL.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 3.38.29 PM

In this way, you can expect your workforce to feel that much more at home – and less like a cog in a machine.

This improvement is only the first of many features we will release this year to make your workplace more engaging, unique and social.

Let us know what YOU would like to see as a product improvement – comment below.

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