Introducing Deputy Reports

Jake Shelley

Jake Shelley

Customer Experience Manager

March 13, 2013

Introducing Deputy Reports

Jake Shelley, Customer Experience Manager
March 13, 2013

At Deputy we are always learning. We listen carefully to our customer requests and we do our best to satisfy as many needs as we can. Over the past few weeks Deputy has been working on a new layout and some new features that will answer a lot of requests we have been receiving.

After extensive usability testing we have rearranged the system layout to better portray and simplify your workplace operations. We are doing our best to make Deputy as easy as possible, so we think that this latest update will help increase your ability to manage your business as Deputy is now easier to use than it has ever been!

Some major changes to our product include:

  • Change the Navigation bar. It now only requires 1-click to get to your rostering (aka scheduling) and timesheets.
  • Locations have been transformed into mini cards on the left hand side of your home page so you can quickly see an overview of who is working, who is late and who is rostered.
  • If you click on the Location map on your home page it will display a larger interactive map.
  • By popular demand, if someone has called in sick or is coming in late, you can now click on that person and select within the side panel “Find Replacement”.
  • And here is the BIG one: Reporting Our Reports will allow you to see exactly where your employees have started or ended a shift on a map. Determine the variance between the total hours rostered and total time actually worked. See an overview of your staff’s performance and see all their upcoming availability and leave requests all in one place, across all of your locations.

To see more detail about our Reporting features, click this link

Alongside this updates we have also improved our iOS Application. You will notice significant performance increase and several bug fixes.

In the coming weeks, there will be more updates to the iOS Application. Stay tuned!

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Jake Shelley
Jake heads up the Support team at Deputy. Chances are, if you've ever reached out to us, you've spent some time chatting with Jake.

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